So over the weekend I got to see the progress on the new townhouse that I am moving into next month. It basically looks like appliances in the kitchen, some wall fixtures and carpet need to be put in before we move in. Oh yeah and the back deck needs finished too. My bedroom has a door to the back deck and currently if you open the door its a good 20 foot drop to the ground!

Anywho…today is the last home game for the men’s basketball team. Hard to believe this season is already coming into March Madness, which is also the best month for hoops in the year.

Still no word on the internship in Dallas. I applied to more teams in the MLS over the weekend too. I figured it wouldn’t hurt one bit…because you just never know. I will probably continue to apply to more as the weeks go on here before spring break (which is only two more weeks away!!!!). Also, I am starting to look at radio stations and/or tv stations in those markets that cover those soccer games. I figure that wouldn’t be a bad idea as well to at least try. I still have one internship in Pittsburgh that I won’t need to apply for until April. That one looks to be pretty promising from the sounds of emails that I got back in January.

As always, I will keep ya posted!

Sometimes you can’t do a thing when it comes to computer problems. I know many of you tried to listen to me tonight call the women’s game against Notre Dame but the connection was in and out. It happens more than it should at U92, but at least you tried to listen and for that I thank you greatly.

WVU ended up losing in a pathetic display of heart in the second half by most of the WVU players. Its sad to think that this team could very well not make the Big East tournament in the women’s side of things. Hard to believe when we began the year with great hope but inconsistant play will kill you more and more over time and this young team has found that out the tough way. Not to mention the best player on the team going down with 10 games or so to go never helpes.

That will probably do it for me doing women’s game this year…no post season in real sight other than maybe the Big East tournament. Baseball is next at our station…I honestly have no idea how much I will work those games. I’d like to say some but again real hard to tell at this point. I am starting to look more foward to soccer season here every day. I miss doing those games and watching those teams, even if they aren’t playing well. Yeah I am still a soccer geek at heart and I don’t even care.

Thankfully now this week if half over and I can focus on school and other things. I currently need to find some story ideas for my broadcasting class which is easier said than done at this point. I will do my best as always.

Working another game today at the radio station. Sadly I won’t be doing color commentary for the women’s game today. I was assigned to do my normal post game show. A little bit of a let down but that’s life sometimes. Nonetheless, tune in around 4ish to listen to me. Hopefully it will all go over smoothly, I have a new kid on air with me today so hopefully he won’t be too nervous or anything on air. I think he will be fine though.

Again click the links and then U-92…then the listen live link. Its all realitivly simple folks. If you want to listen to the game itself it starts at 2, my good friend Sean is doing the play-by-play today. He was the guy I traveled to Atlanta with for the Sugar Bowl. He will be doing the game with Mike (the guy I normall do soccer games with) and another new guy Dave (who should be good at this…), so tune in. It’s against Pitt so hopefully we can take down our rival.

Other news, we are now getting under 30 days until we move here next month. Very exciting news while it is a blistering 10 degrees out today! lol

Yes, the weekend is here and I am hoping for a real nice one too. Mom and Dad are coming to visit while there is a full weekend of sports ahead. WVU battles UConn in a big game. I mean big folks…number one coming into town is always huge. Anyways, I am still waiting to see if I will be doing a women’s game this weekend. It is home against Pitt which means I could be doing color commentary for it. I hope to at least so I will let you all know as soon as I do whether or not I will be broadcasting that game on Sunday at 2 pm.

Also, I am thinking about changing a couple things on here. I’ve been messing with a program that was included in my hosting package with this website. So far I like the looks of it and I’ve been messing around with it by making a mock soccer site to just see if I like it or not. So I may be changing to that style soon, so you will see if I do or not. If you’d like a quick look at it then click here and see what I mean about it. Keep in mind that is only a mock draw of things and not an actual site. I was bored last weekend when I was messing around with it all.

Still no word on the internship in Texas. I am thinking of just calling FC Dallas next week sometime and see what’s up with my application and if they even got it. So again we will see…just keep your fingers crossed.

So some of you have asked who I will be living with soon. Well that’s easy my brother, his girlfriend and her little brother. I know that’s easier said than done but here are photos of those lovely three just so you get a sense of who they are a little better…plus I know Jennifer has been dying to get her photo on the ol’….

And yes, this is all during the Super Bowl too…Mikey and Jennifer were happy…fat boy not so much since he thought his Cowboys should be there. HA

Ah, Super Bowl Sunday. Its almost as an American Holiday as well Christmas or New Years. Everyone pretty much stops for four or five hours to see two teams, even if they have no care in the world who wins, duke it out for some classy looking trophy with some Italian dude’s name on it. Yeah, its football my friends. Pittsburgh and Seattle have a vast interest in this game of course but I honestly don’t have too much going for me on this game. I, like most of the country watch it for the commericals and the other things going on around the game.

Sure that is sad, but since my team (the 49ers) is still a few years away from going back to the big dance, I won’t have too many reasons to root for anyone in the game. Its kinda sad too that most people forget that there is even a game going on while they are consumed in the commericals and halftime shows. I think the Rolling Stones are this year’s halftime show. Yippie.

So I am going with the Steelers I guess. Mainly to hope that the Bus, Jerome Bettus goes out on top. That’s all really…he’s a good guy that deserves to go out on top…and at home nonetheless.

I felt to take the time here to write a quick little blurp. I found out today that a good friend of mine Drew Maust will finally be able to have his wife here in the country. For those who don’t know Drew married a girl from England and the immagration process is very very slow. Well, they finally got everything done and she should be over here by this weekend if I hear and read correctly. Great news there!

So lately I’ve been getting up earlier…okay like 8 o’clock…still much earlier than my normal 9 or 930 for class…anyways I’ve been getting up around 8 to go workout and everything at the SRC here at school. I must say its worth it. I never thought having an exercise class like Exercise Psychology would make me want to get up early and go workout. I’ve gotten myself into a nice rthym this semester so far when it comes to waking up and getting out there. Sure its been eatting up some gas in the car but I think it’s worth it in the long run.

I don’t know when I will be doing anymore color commentary for women’s basketball this season. There aren’t too many more home games left which means I will just stick with the post game show that I’ve been doing most of this season. Click the links and U-92 for that. I probably should post a schedule of that stuff on here but I’m too lazy to…

Keep you hopes up for me for this summer…I’ve been applying for internship so far the last week or so. I sent one into FC Dallas. That would be a big one folks if I get it. I really hope I can do that one to be honest with you. Not only is that my favorite team in the MLS it would be a perfect opportunity to network outside of WV and get some great experience. So we will see…just again keep the hopes up for me on that stuff.

Speaking of soccer, I think the new World Cup uniforms will be released soon. Most of you know I am a soccer lover and a soccer jersey buyer. I have way too many jerseys and I hope to get even more this year with the World Cup going on. I can’t wait!

You know, something about that place just screams high school basketball to me. I know why it does since I’ve seen probably way too many high shcool basketball games over the years in the Civic Center. But you’d think it would have been different for a college game last night against Marshall. Nope. Not a single bit. The Marshall fans made it feel straight up like a high school game and with the place being packed to the top it felt like the old days when Woodrow and some other school would pack the place for a high school basketball final with Woodrow winning. That’s right, the bigger and better school winning.

But not last night as you all probaby know, it was Marshall coming away as the victor. It really felt like little brother slapped big brother in the face with the overal way their fans treated the game.

I was obviously there last night for the game. I was courtside and loving my view but hating the product that I was watching. Thankfully all I paid for yesterday was a soda and some chips for the drive down. I would have been a bit pissed to actually drive as a student down there and sit in the stands for that one. It was just ugly.

Getting back real late after that game wasn’t to great either since I have been waking up early as of late to go work out in the mornings before class. Yet, some how this morning I still woke up around the same time as I have been. Not fun at all I say but it will be okay.

Its hard to believe its less than two weeks from my birthday. Eh…scary but the sad part is its on my busiest day of the week, Tuesday. Speaking of birthdays, my mom’s is coming up this weekend. I won’t give her age but I will say she looks nothing like it. Hopefully I will get to see her this weekend on Saturday (note her birthday is Sunday though).

Ah, I love how my school week ends on Thursdays by the way.

Happy 06 everyone…its nice to be back from my little trip to the Sugar Bowl.

I believe I caught up on my sleep that I missed while I was gone today by getting to sleep in and actually feel okay about that. Usually I don’t like sleeping in too long because I will feel my day has been wasted if I do but for once I slept in and felt okay by that.

First off, the Sugar Bowl was a trip that was well worth it. The highs and lows of the game were there but it was an amazing atmosphere and experience all in one. I wouldn’t have traded that for anything I believe. It truely was something I will never forget doing. I still can’t believe I went to the game really…the friends I was with during the trip and the game all felt the same…it was like a crazy dream!

But now its back to the real-ness of Morgantown for a few days before the new semester kicks up and gets going here. Hard to believe Monday is the new semester…and its hard to believe that I actually have class on Monday again this semester. It will be good though, I know that. It will be nice though to rest up here until then, right now people are sloooowwly getting back into town, which kinda sucks in a way because Morgantown is kinda nice without everyone here but it will be back to business this weekend I am sure.

I just wish my freakin’ refund check would make it here. You’d think 5 days or so before the semester it would come. I just hope they didn’t mess up and send it to my old address like they did last semester. They shouldn’t though, because they do have my current address on file so hopefully I won’t have to worry about that. We will see though…