Nice little weekend ahead

Yes, the weekend is here and I am hoping for a real nice one too. Mom and Dad are coming to visit while there is a full weekend of sports ahead. WVU battles UConn in a big game. I mean big folks…number one coming into town is always huge. Anyways, I am still waiting to see if I will be doing a women’s game this weekend. It is home against Pitt which means I could be doing color commentary for it. I hope to at least so I will let you all know as soon as I do whether or not I will be broadcasting that game on Sunday at 2 pm.

Also, I am thinking about changing a couple things on here. I’ve been messing with a program that was included in my hosting package with this website. So far I like the looks of it and I’ve been messing around with it by making a mock soccer site to just see if I like it or not. So I may be changing to that style soon, so you will see if I do or not. If you’d like a quick look at it then click here and see what I mean about it. Keep in mind that is only a mock draw of things and not an actual site. I was bored last weekend when I was messing around with it all.

Still no word on the internship in Texas. I am thinking of just calling FC Dallas next week sometime and see what’s up with my application and if they even got it. So again we will see…just keep your fingers crossed.

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