Alright, I meant to send this out over the weekend but there are TWO games coming up this week!

Mark you calendars for Wednesday at 7 pm…the men face off against Pitt.

And Saturday at 7 pm the men will play again against Marquette.

Again the login and all is:
 – bottom of the right side…audio links
          password: soccer06

well…after long debate and loss of files i have decided to go away with the old sports blog and just make a new one starting real soon. I would make a whole new site for it but I rather just do it on here…it will make things much easier I believe…

Joe Pa won't get mad when he sees my new material

keep your eye out for random things…I plan to have my EPL power rankings up that I am doing over on Smoking Dank’s Blog by the end of the night…

I meant to post this last night but I figured this would still be alright.

Just a friendly reminder that there is another game today at 330 pm here at WVU. The men will take on Buffalo who beat up on Big East rival Pitt on Friday before the Mountaineers took out Fairfield. We hope to get on air by 315 and provide coverage of the game this afternoon. Hopefully the audio will work today, I know a lot of you had issues with the audio and getting everything to work. Again, it was mostly CSTV’s problem and not any of yours. I know the thing works because I have been told that there has been some people that got to listen. So just keep trying and hopefully it will be a go today. – MSoccer v. Buffalo 330 pm.
                                       pass: soccer06

Good luck everyone, and hopefully you can all listen today!

Alright, there are a couple soccer games this weekend for your listening pleasure (or at least I hope it sounds good). One Friday and the second on Sunday.

Friday is at 730 though I expect or hope to get on air by no later than 715 (ET folks…). Sunday’s game is at 330 I believe, though if I am incorrect I will let you know other wise.

So how to listen is real simple. I have bought the season pass this year and it should be working correctly. All you need to do is go to and go down the page, near the bottom on the right side of the page. Under the "Mountaineers Play Here" logo you will see links for audio for soccer games this weekend. Click the game for the right date and a pop up will appear. Just use my log in so you won’t have to pay for it down the road.

pass: soccer06

Its real simple I believe and should work once things are starting up on Friday. If it doesn’t work Friday just let me know and I will hopefully figure out what went wrong and get things going for Sunday. I hope things work out better than the first couple games last season.

I will try to keep you all posted on here about games when they come up, which is quite often this semester if I am not mistaken.

By the way, hope you like the new look. As much as I liked the other design I just felt this was more of a look for the fall. But you all know I can never stick with a site design for more than a few weeks anyways.

Well, I meant to take care of this post a couple days ago but sometimes I get caught up in things or the internet doesn’t work for me when I want to do something. But nonetheless, here I am with a little recap of my first week at ABC Radio.

First couple days were boring to say the least. I basically just organzied a truck load of papers for differnet people in the sales department of ESPN Radio here in Dallas. Not a totally bad thing, I did get to see how they do their orders and sales contracts which isn’t totally a waste to know about. I had to basically recall my ABCs for the first two days. At least I will say the time went by pretty well while I was doing that stuff.

The next two days were better to finish the week. Thursday I was able to sit in during a radio show at ESPN Radio. It is their show that they place between Mike & Mike in the Mornings and the Dan Patrick Show. Here the show is known as the Dennis and Engel Show. Its pretty interesting. I sat in on their show for about the entire time. See how they handle callers and all sorts of things.

Next, I went with an on-air talent and he showed me how they write up their SportCenter Updates. Its pretty cool, it had me do one and put the music to it to see how it would sound. I will probably be working with this guy more as the summer continues in the mornings. Should be a good thing.

And on Friday, I went on location with the Dennis and Engel show to see how they do a live remote broadcast. Nothing I had never seen really, but it was better than sitting in an office all day on a Friday.

As you can see I have today off since it is Memorial Day. Can’t complain a bit about that.

I will try to update this as much as I can with what I do this summer. It shouldn’t be too hard since I have to do it anyways to get credit for this internship!

Most of you who read this know I called soccer games this past fall for both the men and women’s teams here at WVU. Today, my broadcast partner and myself met with the people at MSN (the media folk who control most of the sports at school) to see if we could come back in the fall. Of course we are signed up again for them. They loved our work last year even though our main problems were techincal. Thankfully those tech issues seem to be handled for this coming season. That is a great thing really.

How many games will I be doing this fall is a question. Last year I didn’t work nearly as many as I wanted to due to school and other issues. Not to mention both the men and women were home for only 14 games. This year they are home for a combined 21 (it helps that the women’s coach is about to have a baby, so they will be home a lot). Yes, 21 homes games, plus the possible Big East tournament games and NCAA games. Which will be great!

Of course I will let you all know details on how to listen to those games when they come up.

It was nice to square away that issue before I leave for the summer and I believe the head of MSN was quite impressed about where I am working this summer. Now to finish an exam tomorrow and pack up. I should…should be in Beckley on Thursday sometime. We will see.

Break is over and now it is back to school. I’ve got a nice little week here to with one exam, a paper, and a package due in my classes. Should be an interesting week. Crazy to think that there are only six more weeks or so left in this semester. Its scary but fun to think that really. I will probably contact FC Dallas again this week about this summer…probably just give them an updated resume and all to remind them that I would like a job there. Sometimes simple reminders do the trick.

I also register for classes next week. Hard to believe it is already time for that. I think I am only going to take 12 hours again. Mainly because I know my broadcasting class will be a pain and I know I will be busy with soccer as well. I plan to be traveling more with radio next school year with soccer or basketball so I need a light load for each semester. Plus, I don’t exactly have a lot left to take, so that is nice.

I hope to figure out why my WVU photos aren’t working. So hopefully sometime this week I can sit down and look at it and figure it out. I also want to add a thing or two on here if I can. I just haven’t figured out what I want to add and where. Again, the amount of time that I have to do that will figure in to whether or not I get anything done with it around here.

Lastly, if you haven’t seen or heard…WVU is back in the sweet 16. They play at 9:40 on Thursday against Texas. A little pay back match if you ask me. We should have won that game earlier in the year so hopefully we will this time. I think its possible. Another trip to the Elite 8 is in the sights but sweet 16 isn’t shabby either.

Well, today we decided to mostly move everything we own into the new townhouse. I am pretty much done moving furnature and stuff like that here. Mostly small things are left like bathroom stuff and all.

Now to the unpacking of tubs of DVDs and such. I don’t have much to do  really but everyone else does. Plus we have to get a couple things fixed and all around here. Construction was a little shady really if you ask me on some things here. But it will all come together here real soon.

My bracket isn’t doing all that bad either so far. Some of my gambles worked and some failed like always!

Yes, a new design. I know, I can’t keep the same thing for too long. The last design seemed too gray for me, I like pages with whites in them for some reason. Plus with spring around the corner it only fit. 

Also, as you see I have changed my photo pages. I found a script for photos with the program I use to write on here. I am still working out all the kinks with it but at least the family photos are up there. I am working with getting the WVU ones to work. I may have to redo the entire album. I dunno, we will see.

Only a couple more days until we offically move. We have taken a lot of things over to the new place and it is looking better and better. My folks are coming up starting tomorrow with Dad, who is bringing some things like my bed from home and a washer and dryer.

I also finally made my picks for the NCAA tournament today. I didn’t feel like doing it the last couple days and I really wanted to put it off until today to gather my thoughts about it and all. I think I have a pretty solid bracket of picks. Some upsets and mostly the right teams winning. I had problems picking some teams but that is just the life of it though.

For one the weather is starting to turn good…even though I hear it will get nasty again this weekend with possible snow…but hey its West Virginia and that wouldn’t surprise me one bit to go from 70s and sun to 30s and snow in a matter of a day. I have seen it time and time again.

Secondly, its March Madness time baby! I love it. The pools are filling up with brackets and what not and I haven’t even picked winners yet. I honestly don’t plan on doing it until tomorrow or even Wednesday. I just want to hold off for a day or so and let this bracket sink in with me here. Its a tough one this year but I think its a do-able bracket. I heard today that the odds of picking all the games correct is greater than winning the Powerball. Seriously, you have a better shot at the Powerball than at getting all of the games right. How crazy is that?!