I meant to post more photos about this but at the end of July I made a day trip to Kansas City for the MLS All-Star Game. It was basically my mini-vacation for the summer. I drove up early in the morning on July 31, stayed in KC that night and drove back the next day.

Both days were long in the drive but it was well worth it in the end to get to see Sporting Park in Kansas City. Not to mention, I got to drive through Oklahoma and Kansas for the first time in my life. Nothing special about the drive in either state but it wasn’t all bad on the seven and a half hour drive.

I love the Chicago Cubs but I know when something is true when I see it. This is sad but definitely true…and a bit funny too. I found this on ESPN’s Page 2. It’s a Facebook page for The Billy Goat. You Cubs fans know what I am talking about here.

Okay, I know I said I would post photos and I will…just thought I would pass along that I am back in Morgantown again and I am getting ready for another semester of school. Give me some time and I will post some final photos of the summer.

I’m lazy and I don’t even care. I promise more photos are on the way.

I only have a week left here in Dallas so I am trying my best to take some photos of things!

I thought today would be a decent time to post a couple more photos of the summer.

Jake in his Mr. Incredible costume. Yeah, it makes me laugh everytime I look at him in it. Seriously worth the price of admission to see him in it.

My aunt’s little dog Chloe. Yeah, she is cute what else can I say about her.

There was the goodness of Starbucks and then there is the gooooooodness of Jamba Juice! I swear its a gift from God.

Yeah, it was good…very good.

Okay, enough for now, more to come I am sure down the road.

I felt I would upload some photos of what I’ve been into this summer. Okay, honestly they are all mostly from soccer games that I’ve been to. I haven’t taken a camera to work or anywhere else but I sort of plan to before long. So enjoy.

my room at the Fitzgerald casa.

my seat at Pizza Hut Park in Frisco, TX…home of FC Dallas!!

Carlos Ruiz from a distance…he is currently the leading scorer for FC Dallas this year with (I believe) 8 goals and 3 assists. Not to shabby for a fish.

FC Dallas warming up before their match with New York Red Bulls. Yeah I was too lazy to take photos during the game so warm ups is all I got.

I will return later on hopefully with more enlighting photos of my summer.

I know its tomorrow but I figured I would go ahead and throw it out there and wish everyone a Happy 4th of July. Enjoy the fireworks and all the fun that comes with celebrating America’s birthday!

Well, I meant to take care of this post a couple days ago but sometimes I get caught up in things or the internet doesn’t work for me when I want to do something. But nonetheless, here I am with a little recap of my first week at ABC Radio.

First couple days were boring to say the least. I basically just organzied a truck load of papers for differnet people in the sales department of ESPN Radio here in Dallas. Not a totally bad thing, I did get to see how they do their orders and sales contracts which isn’t totally a waste to know about. I had to basically recall my ABCs for the first two days. At least I will say the time went by pretty well while I was doing that stuff.

The next two days were better to finish the week. Thursday I was able to sit in during a radio show at ESPN Radio. It is their show that they place between Mike & Mike in the Mornings and the Dan Patrick Show. Here the show is known as the Dennis and Engel Show. Its pretty interesting. I sat in on their show for about the entire time. See how they handle callers and all sorts of things.

Next, I went with an on-air talent and he showed me how they write up their SportCenter Updates. Its pretty cool, it had me do one and put the music to it to see how it would sound. I will probably be working with this guy more as the summer continues in the mornings. Should be a good thing.

And on Friday, I went on location with the Dennis and Engel show to see how they do a live remote broadcast. Nothing I had never seen really, but it was better than sitting in an office all day on a Friday.

As you can see I have today off since it is Memorial Day. Can’t complain a bit about that.

I will try to update this as much as I can with what I do this summer. It shouldn’t be too hard since I have to do it anyways to get credit for this internship!

As you can guess it I am indeed in Texas now. I arrived this past Saturday evening. Honestly the drive down here wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it could have been. The weather certainly helped that out but even if it had rained any it would have been alright I believe. For some reason two days of driving midway across the country wasn’t bad. I was a bit shocked. I will say it was nice having no set time to get down here. Driving at my own pace and all was the way to be.

For all of you that thought it was a horribly long drive. Well the long part is correct. It is a long drive but there really isn’t anything bad about it that I can say. I get to do it again in a couple months. I still feel that stuff like that just doesn’t bother me and it may never will. I have my own ways of doing things alone like that I guess. It just doesn’t get to me like it does some people I guess. Plus having a little alone time never hurts I’ve found.

I interview with my internship Wednesday and should be starting up for a summer of work next week. I will keep everyone updated as good as I can.

As the title suggests, I am indeed home in Beckley, West Virginia. Sadly enough this is the first time since December that I have been here in the City of Champions. And I will be leaving in less than week to get down to Dallas.

So far I am starting top plan out my route to Dallas. It looks like for one night I will stay with my good friend Brett at his college in Williamsburg, Kentucky. It is about 40 minutes out of Knoxville, TN. It should be a two day treck but it could extend to a three day one just for the heck of it. I haven’t decided everything just yet and all. I know it is doable in two days depending on which way I go.

Also, I guess it is time to tell everyone that I have a new car to drive to Dallas. I now drive a 2006 Honda Civic LX. It is a big upgrade from what I used to drive. I must say I enjoy driving this new car a lot.

Well, that is all for now. I should have my semester grades this week sometime and then I may post them. It should be another 3.0 semester I think. Or at least that is what I am hoping for here. We will see.