Super Sunday

Ah, Super Bowl Sunday. Its almost as an American Holiday as well Christmas or New Years. Everyone pretty much stops for four or five hours to see two teams, even if they have no care in the world who wins, duke it out for some classy looking trophy with some Italian dude’s name on it. Yeah, its football my friends. Pittsburgh and Seattle have a vast interest in this game of course but I honestly don’t have too much going for me on this game. I, like most of the country watch it for the commericals and the other things going on around the game.

Sure that is sad, but since my team (the 49ers) is still a few years away from going back to the big dance, I won’t have too many reasons to root for anyone in the game. Its kinda sad too that most people forget that there is even a game going on while they are consumed in the commericals and halftime shows. I think the Rolling Stones are this year’s halftime show. Yippie.

So I am going with the Steelers I guess. Mainly to hope that the Bus, Jerome Bettus goes out on top. That’s all really…he’s a good guy that deserves to go out on top…and at home nonetheless.

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