The weirdness of the Charleston Civic Center

You know, something about that place just screams high school basketball to me. I know why it does since I’ve seen probably way too many high shcool basketball games over the years in the Civic Center. But you’d think it would have been different for a college game last night against Marshall. Nope. Not a single bit. The Marshall fans made it feel straight up like a high school game and with the place being packed to the top it felt like the old days when Woodrow and some other school would pack the place for a high school basketball final with Woodrow winning. That’s right, the bigger and better school winning.

But not last night as you all probaby know, it was Marshall coming away as the victor. It really felt like little brother slapped big brother in the face with the overal way their fans treated the game.

I was obviously there last night for the game. I was courtside and loving my view but hating the product that I was watching. Thankfully all I paid for yesterday was a soda and some chips for the drive down. I would have been a bit pissed to actually drive as a student down there and sit in the stands for that one. It was just ugly.

Getting back real late after that game wasn’t to great either since I have been waking up early as of late to go work out in the mornings before class. Yet, some how this morning I still woke up around the same time as I have been. Not fun at all I say but it will be okay.

Its hard to believe its less than two weeks from my birthday. Eh…scary but the sad part is its on my busiest day of the week, Tuesday. Speaking of birthdays, my mom’s is coming up this weekend. I won’t give her age but I will say she looks nothing like it. Hopefully I will get to see her this weekend on Saturday (note her birthday is Sunday though).

Ah, I love how my school week ends on Thursdays by the way.

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