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I felt to take the time here to write a quick little blurp. I found out today that a good friend of mine Drew Maust will finally be able to have his wife here in the country. For those who don’t know Drew married a girl from England and the immagration process is very very slow. Well, they finally got everything done and she should be over here by this weekend if I hear and read correctly. Great news there!

So lately I’ve been getting up earlier…okay like 8 o’clock…still much earlier than my normal 9 or 930 for class…anyways I’ve been getting up around 8 to go workout and everything at the SRC here at school. I must say its worth it. I never thought having an exercise class like Exercise Psychology would make me want to get up early and go workout. I’ve gotten myself into a nice rthym this semester so far when it comes to waking up and getting out there. Sure its been eatting up some gas in the car but I think it’s worth it in the long run.

I don’t know when I will be doing anymore color commentary for women’s basketball this season. There aren’t too many more home games left which means I will just stick with the post game show that I’ve been doing most of this season. Click the links and U-92 for that. I probably should post a schedule of that stuff on here but I’m too lazy to…

Keep you hopes up for me for this summer…I’ve been applying for internship so far the last week or so. I sent one into FC Dallas. That would be a big one folks if I get it. I really hope I can do that one to be honest with you. Not only is that my favorite team in the MLS it would be a perfect opportunity to network outside of WV and get some great experience. So we will see…just again keep the hopes up for me on that stuff.

Speaking of soccer, I think the new World Cup uniforms will be released soon. Most of you know I am a soccer lover and a soccer jersey buyer. I have way too many jerseys and I hope to get even more this year with the World Cup going on. I can’t wait!

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