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So over the weekend I got to see the progress on the new townhouse that I am moving into next month. It basically looks like appliances in the kitchen, some wall fixtures and carpet need to be put in before we move in. Oh yeah and the back deck needs finished too. My bedroom has a door to the back deck and currently if you open the door its a good 20 foot drop to the ground!

Anywho…today is the last home game for the men’s basketball team. Hard to believe this season is already coming into March Madness, which is also the best month for hoops in the year.

Still no word on the internship in Dallas. I applied to more teams in the MLS over the weekend too. I figured it wouldn’t hurt one bit…because you just never know. I will probably continue to apply to more as the weeks go on here before spring break (which is only two more weeks away!!!!). Also, I am starting to look at radio stations and/or tv stations in those markets that cover those soccer games. I figure that wouldn’t be a bad idea as well to at least try. I still have one internship in Pittsburgh that I won’t need to apply for until April. That one looks to be pretty promising from the sounds of emails that I got back in January.

As always, I will keep ya posted!

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