Basketball Game Today

Working another game today at the radio station. Sadly I won’t be doing color commentary for the women’s game today. I was assigned to do my normal post game show. A little bit of a let down but that’s life sometimes. Nonetheless, tune in around 4ish to listen to me. Hopefully it will all go over smoothly, I have a new kid on air with me today so hopefully he won’t be too nervous or anything on air. I think he will be fine though.

Again click the links and then U-92…then the listen live link. Its all realitivly simple folks. If you want to listen to the game itself it starts at 2, my good friend Sean is doing the play-by-play today. He was the guy I traveled to Atlanta with for the Sugar Bowl. He will be doing the game with Mike (the guy I normall do soccer games with) and another new guy Dave (who should be good at this…), so tune in. It’s against Pitt so hopefully we can take down our rival.

Other news, we are now getting under 30 days until we move here next month. Very exciting news while it is a blistering 10 degrees out today! lol

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