Below are my top three ads from last night’s Super Bowl. I really thought these three hit a home run. While some others were funnier, these did a little more than made me giggle. One didn’t make me laugh at all but I thought it was a really great ad.

VW: Darth Vader

Chrysler: Detroit Is Back

NFL: Best Fans

I love the Chicago Cubs but I know when something is true when I see it. This is sad but definitely true…and a bit funny too. I found this on ESPN’s Page 2. It’s a Facebook page for The Billy Goat. You Cubs fans know what I am talking about here.

Nothing too new going on here…very busy all across the board with class, work, and radio station stuff…and not to mention job searching. I’ve been searching more and more as of late and I have posted my resume on many sites. I am slowly working on a site on here to contain all of my broadcasting samples. I am waiting to get my soccer games on file to cut up here. Once those are up I will let you all know!

Other things going on…this Tuesday at 7 pm (6 CT) I will be traveling to Pittsburgh to do more play-by-play for the women’s basketball team as the will battle with Pitt. This will actually be my third play-by-play game in a row as of late. I called a game yesterday as the ladies defeated USF. I am battling a sore throat right now so if you heard last night’s game, I am sorry, my voice wasn’t the best…but thankfully it is feeling a little better right now. Let’s hope by Tuesday night it will be fine and ready to go.

Lastly on the menu here tonight, we here at 109 Rystan Place will soon be moving into a new house. Yup, a year here in Rystan Place was enough for us all I suppose. I don’t have the address of the new joint but I will have that for you in the coming weeks. Yes, I said weeks…we should be on the move within the next three weeks or so I believe. And by the looks of things it may need more time! Maybe.

Here are some photos of the new place. It is almost done!

Sure I was able to see highlights of the game but I wasn’t there for the biggest win in the Coliseum during my college career. I was on the road with the women’s basketball team in New Jersey. Oh well, my good bud Sean Merinar did a great job with recapping the game.

I hate saying how busy I have been lately but being on the road again this past weekend will do that to you. And I will be back on the road again this weekend. Thankfully it will be the last road trip that I will make with the women’s basketball team. Which is really good because I need some time to recover and get some things done.

Not to mention I have opened a new website that I really wanna dive into. I bascially re-opened a sports blog for myself. I really, mainly, just want to focus on my blogging soccer related articles. Check it out… …almost like the old site but I just need more time to get some old post back on there really. That may take some time.

But other than all that things are going pretty well here. Can’t complain other than how cold it is outside. The cold just hits you in the face when you get out there.

The next game that I will be doing will be this coming Sunday. I don’t know the time but like I said I will be on the road, I believe at Rutgers. Check back for more info on that.

Well I know it has been a week or so since I last posted on here. Let’s just say it has been busy with traveling to various sites and places doing women’s basketball broadcasts. Wednesday I was in the state’s capital and then on Friday and Saturday I was in the nation’s capital. Lots of traveling for two solid broadcasts.

I will probably return to the air this coming Wednesday as the ladies play at home at 7 pm against Syracuse. I haven’t been crewed yet for this game but there is a possiblity.

I do know that I will definitely be on a broadcast next weekend, on Sunday at 6 pm. Sadly enough the game is on the road and during the Super Bowl. 🙁 Not exactly happy about the timing of the event but I was crewed for this road trip months ago so, too late to back out now. If it were the 49ers I would be backing out to watch but I can stand to miss a Bears Super Bowl trip. I still think they will be pulling it out.

I expect to soon have some of my own broadcast samples on this very site sometime soon. So you all will be able to enjoy some highlights of my game calling…not to mention it will be heavily used for resume purposes.

Until later on…

Alright, I know everyone wants to know when my next games are. I have two coming up in the very near future that you all will be very interested in.

This Saturday at noon (I believe) against Villanova and Next Wednesday (Jan. 24) against Marshall, I will be doing play-by-play for both of those games on U-92.

Just use the U-92 link on the right here to be able to listen. There is no login for that site just go there and click a listen live link and you are all set.

Its the new year and I almost forgot to post the rest of my picks. Since a game is already going I will make them quick.

Current number of bowls played: 21

Current number of bowls picked correctly: 15

Outback Bowl Winner: Tennessee

AT&T Cotton Bowl Winner: Auburn

Toyota Gator Bowl: West Virginia

Capital One Bowl: Wisconsin

Rose Bowl: USC

Tosititos Fiesta Bowl: Oklahoma

FedEx Orange Bowl: Lousiville

Allstate Sugar Bowl: LSU

International Bowl: Cincinnati

GMAC Bowl: Ohio

BCS National Title Game:  Ohio State

So its the end of the year and I figure it is a decent time to reflect on what has transpired in the past calendar year. Amazing to believe and think that 2006 is almost over and that 2007 is just a jump away. Anyways…I have no real order to this list. Some things are life, sports, and just random stuff in my head. I will try to go month by month, if I can. If not, then sue me.

January – Best – Sugar Bowl: The year got kicked off with a major bang as WVU beat Georgia in their own dome to win the Sugar Bowl. For one, it was a great time. And for seconds, WVU actually won a bowl game! Yes, for the second time, no maybe third (I will have to check), WVU actually won a bowl game. Wow.

Best – Rose Bowl – now that was a game…one of the best I've seen in some time.

Worst – No snow in January – seriously, one of the mildest winters I have ever lived through and it was not the coldest of winters either. 

Best – Steelers win Super Bowl – Okay, I had trouble putting "best" beside this one but it was a good thing. Bettus got his ring, the entire psycho Steeler nation got their "one for the thumb" and I believe it shut them all up for at least 10 more years. Again, both my team (the 49ers) and some cryboy team in Texas would like to congratulate you on becoming a member in the 5 rings club. 

Feburary – Best – My 21st – sure becoming legal to drink is one thing but the random looks from other states when they see the id is always a laugh

Worst – Winter – okay the cold finally came as it normally does…the only bad part was standing in line at the Coliseum for games….

Worst – Mountaineer Manics – its a damn cult really. Peoplpe getting in the building early to save seats. Not just one or two but I am talking like 4 or 5 rows. It was horrible and totally wrong for the people out in the cold.

March – Best – George Mason's run – alright, nothing like a bracket buster pal. I loved it though.

Worst – Cold spring breaks – maybe that is why people go south for those things…

April – Best – Moving into new place – out with the old and in with the new…place…okay that was cheesy but it worked. Got a new townhouse here in town and got rid of an annoying couple who lived together but didn't live together. Oh, and their dog was never fed either.

Best – Honda Civic – getting a new car is always nice…don't ya think?

May – Best – Starting a new internship!!! – Dallas for the summer was great! Seriously…

Alright, I am sorta tired of the month by month thing…so whatever. After summer was fall semester and you have read what has been good and bad in the fall semester. Football, soccer and a girlfriend – good….school, school, and school – have been not soo good.

Here are some final lists that I made up. All mostly sports related I believe.

Male Athlete – Tiger Woods 

Female Athlete – Amelie Mauresmo

Best Championship Team  – Italy World Cup soccer …so I am biased on the sport…it was the only World Champion on the list really…

Coach of the Year –  Jim Larranaga, George Mason basketball

Rookie of the Year – Vince Young, Tennessee Titans

Best Game – USC 41, Texas 38 (Rose Bowl)

Biggest Disappointment – Bode Miller

Biggest Disappointment (Team) – New York Yankees

Most Overrated Story – (Tie) Barbaro and Kobe scoring 81 on the Toronto Raptors

Best Story – "J-Mac" – Autistic kid Jason McElwain scores 24 points in final three minutes of a game

Biggest Goat – Zinedine Zidane

Funniest Movie of the Year – Talladega Nights 

Alright…there is my list and best/worsts of the year…you may want to add this list to that but I don't care. I was bored and I thought "why not".