I haven’t posted anything on here in a few days, mainly since I was busy all week studying and doing the ol’ school thing. The weekend is quickly passing as well right now but today has been very productive and it isn’t even 6 pm.

I went out early this morning to shoot some more footage for another story in my broadcasting class. It was a 5k run raising money for a local Habitat for Humanity. One my my friends from the radio station actually ended up winning the race. Which was pretty cool to see, and thankfully he is always someone to interview about stories.

I also was able to finally pick up a copy of the book "Game of Shadows". It is based on the history of steriods, Barry Bonds, and BALCO. Very interesting read so far…a couple chapters into it and I am glad I picked it up. I also bought the autobiography of Mike Greenberg, a ESPN sportscaster and radio host that I like to listen to. I haven’t read anything in his book yet but it looks like a fun thing to read after I finish the "Game of Shadows".

I am pretty much done unpacking things here I believe. I finally got all the tubs out of my room today and it feels nice to see all of the space that I have in here to work with. I just need to figure out how to hang up this weekly marker-board. I did have it on my desk but it would stay on it. Some reason there is no hooks on it so I need to figure out what to do with it.

Still no word from any internship here. I emailed my updated resume and cover letter to FC Dallas earlier this week. I figure if I don’t hear anything by the start of the MLS season (which is April 1st by the way) I will give them a call again and see what is up! At this point I would just like to know either way and not have to sit on my hands and wait until May about this. That is probably the most frustrating part of getting internships for the summer. Again, just keep your fingers crossed about it!

Break is over and now it is back to school. I’ve got a nice little week here to with one exam, a paper, and a package due in my classes. Should be an interesting week. Crazy to think that there are only six more weeks or so left in this semester. Its scary but fun to think that really. I will probably contact FC Dallas again this week about this summer…probably just give them an updated resume and all to remind them that I would like a job there. Sometimes simple reminders do the trick.

I also register for classes next week. Hard to believe it is already time for that. I think I am only going to take 12 hours again. Mainly because I know my broadcasting class will be a pain and I know I will be busy with soccer as well. I plan to be traveling more with radio next school year with soccer or basketball so I need a light load for each semester. Plus, I don’t exactly have a lot left to take, so that is nice.

I hope to figure out why my WVU photos aren’t working. So hopefully sometime this week I can sit down and look at it and figure it out. I also want to add a thing or two on here if I can. I just haven’t figured out what I want to add and where. Again, the amount of time that I have to do that will figure in to whether or not I get anything done with it around here.

Lastly, if you haven’t seen or heard…WVU is back in the sweet 16. They play at 9:40 on Thursday against Texas. A little pay back match if you ask me. We should have won that game earlier in the year so hopefully we will this time. I think its possible. Another trip to the Elite 8 is in the sights but sweet 16 isn’t shabby either.

Come to know that all along Mikey, Jennifer, Fatz and I have been looking at the wrong townhouse. lol Honest mistake. Its 109 not 105…either way it doesn’t matter since we might be able to start moving stuff in NEXT weekend!! Woohoo! We are all pumped for it and I haven’t even started to pack a thing. I guess it really won’t hit me until next week when I really will have to start.

Also…WVU released the schedules for next fall. Which is always nice…I love planning a new semester more than attending the one I am currently in. It always happens this way but honestly I know since I am only going to be taking 12 hours again next fall that it won’t really matter all that much what I take. I will again keep with the lack of Friday classes. I like that…its easy and its nice to know that Thursday starts your weekend. Looking at things and the classes I have left to take, I will probably make my Mondays…Monday. In other words I will have most of my classes on Monday. No big deal really. My one broadcasting class won’t be at night but I still may have a class that starts in the early evening on Monday. Oh well…I am not worried because there shouldn’t be any soccer games those nights, which is good so I won’t have to miss anything either way.

Tuesday and Thursday will be my work days which will be strange since Monday and Wednesday have always been my work day at the Foundation but its always nice to have a change of things. I will still work Fridays. No change there…I just know I wanted to make this semester as relaxed as possible with the broadcasting class and soccer on the menu.

Again its still nice to plan this early here…I think i register for classes again in a couple weeks!

As for this semester, I have my first package in my broadcasting class due next week. I am interviewing and shooting video tomorrow out at the Coliseum. I am going to do a piece on the new wrestling complex that they are building here at school. Hopefully it will turn out good.

I felt to take the time here to write a quick little blurp. I found out today that a good friend of mine Drew Maust will finally be able to have his wife here in the country. For those who don’t know Drew married a girl from England and the immagration process is very very slow. Well, they finally got everything done and she should be over here by this weekend if I hear and read correctly. Great news there!

So lately I’ve been getting up earlier…okay like 8 o’clock…still much earlier than my normal 9 or 930 for class…anyways I’ve been getting up around 8 to go workout and everything at the SRC here at school. I must say its worth it. I never thought having an exercise class like Exercise Psychology would make me want to get up early and go workout. I’ve gotten myself into a nice rthym this semester so far when it comes to waking up and getting out there. Sure its been eatting up some gas in the car but I think it’s worth it in the long run.

I don’t know when I will be doing anymore color commentary for women’s basketball this season. There aren’t too many more home games left which means I will just stick with the post game show that I’ve been doing most of this season. Click the links and U-92 for that. I probably should post a schedule of that stuff on here but I’m too lazy to…

Keep you hopes up for me for this summer…I’ve been applying for internship so far the last week or so. I sent one into FC Dallas. That would be a big one folks if I get it. I really hope I can do that one to be honest with you. Not only is that my favorite team in the MLS it would be a perfect opportunity to network outside of WV and get some great experience. So we will see…just again keep the hopes up for me on that stuff.

Speaking of soccer, I think the new World Cup uniforms will be released soon. Most of you know I am a soccer lover and a soccer jersey buyer. I have way too many jerseys and I hope to get even more this year with the World Cup going on. I can’t wait!

well my fall semester is done…in the books…over.

Thank God for that, let me tell you I’ve been ready for this semester to be over since it pretty much began. Classes weren’t what I thought they’d be and I probably didn’t do as good as I should have. Things picked up at the end and got pretty decent around here but there were momments that I just didn’t want to go to class or do anything. I guess you will have that.

Its Christmas time for real now in my books. XM has been helping me out on that by changing some of my channels in to Christmas ones. Its a nice little holiday thing. But I have yet to really tackle any shopping here. I guess that’s what I will spend next week doing before I go home on Thursday.

As for my Sugar Bowl trip, things are still being planned out. Looks like I will leave on New Years Day and return on the 3rd. Which will be nice since it will give me a couple days to recover and all before the new semester on the 9th. Man…looking at it I really get a short break here. Kinda sucks really when you think about it. I miss those longer breaks that we used to have like during my freshman year here.

Also looks like I may be on the move again soon here in town. Hopefully at least by March I will have moved again. Looks like possibly a Spring Break thing? Ah, we will see I guess.

Like I’ve said before, finals week for me are never to shabby. Two exams this week is never a real bad finals week, and with one under my belt already I must say I am already bored stiff around here. I am kinda dreading next week with everyone gone and all here, hopefully the few that will stick around will be willing enough to hang out and be bored with me.

You know, the more I listen to certain channels on XM radio, the more bands I start to enjoy. I guess that is the purpose of that sort of thing really.


I got a ticket for the Sugar Bowl yesterday too. I know I don’t seem all that excited but I am, now the fun part is figuring out where to stay and how to get down there. Not exactly the easiest part of the whole deal. Though tickets were tough to get that’s for sure. Thankfully they re-released some tickets…who goes through the whole ticket lotto here and doesn’t claim a bowl ticket. Really?

Ah, a week or so until I go home. Let that countdown begin.