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Mostly Settled

I haven’t posted anything on here in a few days, mainly since I was busy all week studying and doing the ol’ school thing. The weekend is quickly passing as well right now but today has been very productive and it isn’t even 6 pm.

I went out early this morning to shoot some more footage for another story in my broadcasting class. It was a 5k run raising money for a local Habitat for Humanity. One my my friends from the radio station actually ended up winning the race. Which was pretty cool to see, and thankfully he is always someone to interview about stories.

I also was able to finally pick up a copy of the book "Game of Shadows". It is based on the history of steriods, Barry Bonds, and BALCO. Very interesting read so far…a couple chapters into it and I am glad I picked it up. I also bought the autobiography of Mike Greenberg, a ESPN sportscaster and radio host that I like to listen to. I haven’t read anything in his book yet but it looks like a fun thing to read after I finish the "Game of Shadows".

I am pretty much done unpacking things here I believe. I finally got all the tubs out of my room today and it feels nice to see all of the space that I have in here to work with. I just need to figure out how to hang up this weekly marker-board. I did have it on my desk but it would stay on it. Some reason there is no hooks on it so I need to figure out what to do with it.

Still no word from any internship here. I emailed my updated resume and cover letter to FC Dallas earlier this week. I figure if I don’t hear anything by the start of the MLS season (which is April 1st by the way) I will give them a call again and see what is up! At this point I would just like to know either way and not have to sit on my hands and wait until May about this. That is probably the most frustrating part of getting internships for the summer. Again, just keep your fingers crossed about it!

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