What can I say. I’m never truly satisfied with how things look on a website that I do. That much is true of this space as I’ve made yet another drastic change today on how it all looks here. I’ve been toying the idea of moving to a new theme and went for it today.

This new theme has a ton of bells and whistles, so there may still be some things out of place here and there. I’ll get to them eventually.

The first big challenge is figuring out how I want the home page to layout. Do I want a big banner at the top? Or just boxes with my work and latest posts? All tough calls if you ask me.

So pardon my dust around here.

Alright. It has been ages since I touched this space. Ages. A year almost. For reasons I really have no way of explaining.

But I’ve updated this little space over the last day. Slapped a new coat of paint on it and tried to rearrange some things to make it look a little more updated.

I’m not planning on blogging like crazy on this space like I once tried. I have too many other projects going to attempt to even do a daily/weekly thought or two on here anyways. Maybe once life settles down a hair – if it ever does – I’ll get more consistent on here about writing about my life and things going on in it.

I have thought about opening up a new blog from time to time to do TV reviews of some of my favorite shows but again that takes time and effort that I just lack at the moment. My main passion still remains in soccer writing. I have two large spaces to do that at the moment, one is still WVHooligan and the other is BigDSoccer. The latter of the two I actually get paid consistently for, which is nice even if it is just a small stipend.

The revamp around this space was to show off some of my work both personally and professionally. A digital portfolio, a record of my stuff online. It is still a work in progress as in the last version of this site I didn’t really finish it all up like I intended to. It is summer so hopefully the longer hours of sun light will allow me to finish up some things.

Yesterday was indeed my 26th birthday. I won’t lie I’m not the biggest birthday kind of guy. I told my dad last night that it was just another day and it was, but it was a good one.

Becca got me a snazzy bluetooth keyboard to go with my iPad I got for Christmas. I have to say right now typing this on my iPad with it I can see why these are items that could slowly replace laptops.

I got lots of folks sending me messages on Facebook, which was also nice to see. I probably got more messages than I expected to get.

So another year older. I have things I want to do and things I want to improve on. Hopefully I can do those things like lose a little weight, learn to cook more things than just pasta, and also learn to do a little more hands-on stuff around the house.

Below are my top three ads from last night’s Super Bowl. I really thought these three hit a home run. While some others were funnier, these did a little more than made me giggle. One didn’t make me laugh at all but I thought it was a really great ad.

VW: Darth Vader

Chrysler: Detroit Is Back

NFL: Best Fans

This image just says it all really. Folks in the south love but then hate snow.

What if Seinfeld was really about a dramatic movie dealing with world domination? Even though there will never be another Seinfeld and given the fact that Becca really hates the show this is an ok consolation for me. Here’s an incredibly fake – and incredibly impressive -trailer for Jerry the Great, about Seinfeld’s desire to take over the world. (the footage came from the actual series btw)

I love being part Swedish sometimes when I see things like this.

A great way to get people to do something fun and a way to get people to slow down more in traffic. Read more

Hard to believe Christmas has come and gone already here. It was fun, quick and full of snow. Going back to Beckley to visit my family was great and I know Becca had a good time as well. I still can’t believe I got an iPad too, which totally rocks!

The kid needs to be in child acting.