Ode to Finals

Like I’ve said before, finals week for me are never to shabby. Two exams this week is never a real bad finals week, and with one under my belt already I must say I am already bored stiff around here. I am kinda dreading next week with everyone gone and all here, hopefully the few that will stick around will be willing enough to hang out and be bored with me.

You know, the more I listen to certain channels on XM radio, the more bands I start to enjoy. I guess that is the purpose of that sort of thing really.


I got a ticket for the Sugar Bowl yesterday too. I know I don’t seem all that excited but I am, now the fun part is figuring out where to stay and how to get down there. Not exactly the easiest part of the whole deal. Though tickets were tough to get that’s for sure. Thankfully they re-released some tickets…who goes through the whole ticket lotto here and doesn’t claim a bowl ticket. Really?

Ah, a week or so until I go home. Let that countdown begin.

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