semester is over

well my fall semester is done…in the books…over.

Thank God for that, let me tell you I’ve been ready for this semester to be over since it pretty much began. Classes weren’t what I thought they’d be and I probably didn’t do as good as I should have. Things picked up at the end and got pretty decent around here but there were momments that I just didn’t want to go to class or do anything. I guess you will have that.

Its Christmas time for real now in my books. XM has been helping me out on that by changing some of my channels in to Christmas ones. Its a nice little holiday thing. But I have yet to really tackle any shopping here. I guess that’s what I will spend next week doing before I go home on Thursday.

As for my Sugar Bowl trip, things are still being planned out. Looks like I will leave on New Years Day and return on the 3rd. Which will be nice since it will give me a couple days to recover and all before the new semester on the 9th. Man…looking at it I really get a short break here. Kinda sucks really when you think about it. I miss those longer breaks that we used to have like during my freshman year here.

Also looks like I may be on the move again soon here in town. Hopefully at least by March I will have moved again. Looks like possibly a Spring Break thing? Ah, we will see I guess.

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