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Looking Ahead

Come to know that all along Mikey, Jennifer, Fatz and I have been looking at the wrong townhouse. lol Honest mistake. Its 109 not 105…either way it doesn’t matter since we might be able to start moving stuff in NEXT weekend!! Woohoo! We are all pumped for it and I haven’t even started to pack a thing. I guess it really won’t hit me until next week when I really will have to start.

Also…WVU released the schedules for next fall. Which is always nice…I love planning a new semester more than attending the one I am currently in. It always happens this way but honestly I know since I am only going to be taking 12 hours again next fall that it won’t really matter all that much what I take. I will again keep with the lack of Friday classes. I like that…its easy and its nice to know that Thursday starts your weekend. Looking at things and the classes I have left to take, I will probably make my Mondays…Monday. In other words I will have most of my classes on Monday. No big deal really. My one broadcasting class won’t be at night but I still may have a class that starts in the early evening on Monday. Oh well…I am not worried because there shouldn’t be any soccer games those nights, which is good so I won’t have to miss anything either way.

Tuesday and Thursday will be my work days which will be strange since Monday and Wednesday have always been my work day at the Foundation but its always nice to have a change of things. I will still work Fridays. No change there…I just know I wanted to make this semester as relaxed as possible with the broadcasting class and soccer on the menu.

Again its still nice to plan this early here…I think i register for classes again in a couple weeks!

As for this semester, I have my first package in my broadcasting class due next week. I am interviewing and shooting video tomorrow out at the Coliseum. I am going to do a piece on the new wrestling complex that they are building here at school. Hopefully it will turn out good.

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  1. katie
    katie says:

    hey! i am excited for you. you better start packing soon. remember the last time you moved? i think i still have some of your tubs at home, oops 🙂 im glad you are still working at the foundation. i like to think i had a little bit to do with that. hope everything is going well. and thanks for linking my blog…that makes me feel special!

    ps – what team do want your football jersey to be?!


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