The light is at the end of the tunnel and I can see it. Two classes are done and I have two to go here in my final fall semester. Just a Philosophy and Econ exam are in my way. 

That's all I really wanted to say…but I want to leave with some song lyrics from a song that made me smile since it is the end of the semester. Yeah, its a little stupid and all but it is sort of fitting if you ask me. Its called "Exitlude" from The Killers. Check it out…download it.

Aggressively we all defend the role we play
Regrettably time’s come to send you on your way
We’ve seen it all bonfires of trust flash floods of pain
It doesn’t really matter don’t you worry it’ll all work out
No it doesn’t even matter don’t you worry what it’s all about
We hope you enjoyed your stay
It’s good to have you with us, even if it’s just for the day
We hope you enjoyed your stay
Outside the sun is shining, seems like heaven ain’t far away
It’s good to have you with us
Even if it’s just for the day
It’s good to have you with us even if it’s just for the day
Outside the sun is shining, seems like heaven ain’t far away
It’s good to have you with us
Even if it’s just for the day
It’s good to have you with us even if it’s just for the day
Outside the sun is shining, seems like heaven ain’t far away

I was going to be on the crew for the women's broadcast for tomorrow night against Houston. First I was only suppose to be a sideline reporter then at another point I almost was the play-by-play annoucer for the game. However, due to poor timing and me not having nearly enough time to get prepared for that game I won't be on air for it. 

Now Saturday's game should be a go…I should find out sometime within the next day or so…I would figure by tomorrow afternoon, if not Friday afternoon at the very lastest on what I will be doing. More than likely I will or should be on air in some fashion.

Also, in other news, I will be back at the WVU Foundation as an intern again next spring. I was offically invited back to work there yesterday by my boss. I couldn't work there this past semester due to soccer and the class work that I had (ie:my broadcasting class). I should be able to work a decent amount so that will be nice to have again.

Lastly, I hope by the end of the week, if not by the end of this weekend to have some new photos added to the photo section. I have some photos from trips I have been on this fall and from Thanksgiving. I just need the time to get them on there and to completely fix the site…I have noticed some photos don't load or some albums don't load. I will work with it and get it all situated.  

It should be very, very crazy this week around here. School will be rough with my final broadcasting story being due amoung other things.

There will be two games that I may be doing for the station for basketball this week though. That sort of adds to the week really when it all boils down to it. This Thursday at 7pm there will be a home game against Houston at 7 pm (6 CT). I do not know what I will be doing for that game as of yet but I am sure it will be something. And then on Saturday, there will be another home game. I assume the game time will be noon but it hasn’t been set yet.

Just keep checking back here for more updates on the games. Hopefully I can find time to get on here and let everyone know what games or not that I will be apart of.

On a lighter note, only 29 more shopping days until Christmas! haha

You know, despite two, maybe three turnovers against Louisville, I still believe WVU played well tonight.

I do.

It was a solid performance by the Mountaineers but it just wasn’t enough to beat a very talented Louisville team in "the Ville". I hate to do it but now I will say that it is time to hitch a ride on the Cardinal bandwagon and hope they can bring the Big East a national title. Not to mention WVU just needs to keep winning here and they should…and I do mean should be able to make at least a BCS game. Yeah, it can still happen. Plus you just never know what is instored for the next couple weeks.

Do I see a let-down for Louisville next week at Rutgers? Give me a few days and I will let you know…right now I will say, yes.

Does WVU bounce back and start winning again? Yes. The schedule isn’t easy but it does allow WVU to get some W’s when they need them most. Pitt will be the most challenging. You can already mark that down. Pitt, may end up being a tougher game than tonight’s game. Not because it is a rivalry game but because Pitt has gotten better and will make it competative. Something that was lacking last year when we played them.

Still, overall, I felt alright about tonight. Sure, it was ugly at times but it wasn’t the worst I have ever seen out of a Rich Rod coached team. No, but at times I saw the brillance that I know and love with this team. They are still a class act but they are young. Let me remind you that. Slaton and White will continue to run all over the other teams as they did tonight (White had 4…count them 4 touchdowns tonight).

The National Title game dream may be all over for WVU but honestly, it wasn’t the right year for it. I still believe next year will be the year WVU goes all the way.

Okay, so I finally registered for classes for next spring. I just need three classes to graduate but I have to have 12 hours to be full time for all that good stuff. Anywho, right now it looks like a pretty simple semester, one that should get me back into shape physically.

Yes, I am taking three PE classes. Two soccer ones (indoor and outdoor) and yoga. Yeah, yoga…that should be fun. I am also taking Appalichan Fiction along with a Statistics class and an Acting class. Those last three are classes I have to take to graduate. Horrible, boring junk but it shouldn’t be too shabby.

Also, before I forget, Saturday’s game I will be doing play-by-play apparently with my friend Dave. Should the men’s team win, Dave will be my traveling partner for the Big East Tournaments. So hopefully that will go over alright!

(So, if you can’t tell I am ranting here about annoying people on message boards…I randomly go on message boards like and read what the “people” have to say about current happenings in WVU sports. And right now everyone is moaning about the national media hating us, mainly Colin Cowherd of ESPN.)

Driving around Morgantown today I decided to tune from Ethel 47 on my XM dial to the good likes of ESPN 140…or just plain ol’ ESPN Radio.

I love ESPN Radio, and I listen to it probably the most out of anything that I listen to on my XM radio. I am a guy and obviously that is what I like to listen to and hear about. The show on ESPN Radio at that time is a nationally syndicated show called The Herd with Colin Cowherd. Yes, that is his name, Cowherd. I laugh when I hear it sometimes too, don’t you even worry. Cowherd is a huge football guy and to me he knows his stuff when it comes to the sport. Sure he is a west-coach homer and he does love a little much on the SEC. But, you know what? He typically has a good point, even if it is negative toward WVU.

Colin was having a fruitful discussion on college football like he normally does any time of the year. Usually when the conversation starts up and the questions roll in about WVU he typically “hates” on the school and how good/bad the Mountaineers really are. I laugh at it really because for the most part he has a truthful opinion on the schedule that WVU is playing this season. Cowherd said something on the line that if Ohio State wins out, if WVU wins out and if a Florida only has one loss that he would have no problem arguing and doing everything he could to make the national title game a Florida-OSU game.

It’s a legitimate argument. Mainly that he says if Florida loses this weekend in a close game on the road at Auburn and wins out that he wouldn’t want to see an undefeated WVU or Louisville team in the national title game.

And oddly I agree. It would seriously be bad television if that were the case. Mainly since I feel that we would be mobbed if we even played OSU in a game this year…I am not saying they are the best team in the country but they are good enough to take WVU down that is for sure.

Now I am a WVU homer like the rest here in Morgantown. I am, and I usually defend the naysayers of this team but Cowherd presents a good point about WVU, the schedule is weak. Marshall, Eastern Washington and teams like that aren’t doing us any favors right now in their own play is killing our out of conference schedule. Not to mention our conference schedule is still pretty weak. Pitt and Syracuse are still on the rebound, South Florida, UConn and Cincinnati are question marks each year, Rutgers and Louisville are good but we honestly don’t know how good.

One caller on the show was from California and was actually a WVU graduate and he probably presented the best case to make a “hater” (as some people on the wonderful message boards around here say) like Cowherd even respect us. I loved his point that the schedule is weak and that Slaton needs more love on the air and that Rich Rod is doing a decent job.

Really, to me that is all WVU need on the air. Slaton is a hell of an athlete and player and Coach Rod is doing a good job. Not to mention WVU just needs to keep winning and the harp and hate against the school will slowly side away. People can’t really argue with W’s all across the board, even if some are weak.

I say to people on the message boards that complain and moan about the anti-WVU sentiments on air, calm down…its only a freakin’ game.

WVU, if they win out will be fine and will at least make a BCS game again this year. To me, that is what is important. Win the Big East and let the rest settle itself. WVU silenced a lot of people last year in the Sugar Bowl and they can do it again this year. It may not be in the national title game but it will be in some BCS game if the team just does what it has to do and that is just win.

More than likely, this article could turn into a weekly installment until the season ends. And I will probably return soon to present my break down of the current state in college football…

Okay, I finally got the cord to my camera so here are some photos from nights out and from some football games…notice those wonderful sideline shots!

Me and my broadcasting class this past Thursday…its amazing to me how we all keep going out together each week…I love it!

As a request from Mr. Pearl (the guy in the hat)…here is a photo of me, Pearl and Sean…notice I am about to laugh!




Yes, against Maryland in a blow-out sort of win…I am happy with the quality in this photo and how it turned out!


Even closer up shot…


Box score after the first half…yeah Slaton had that much after 12 carries in the first half against Maryland…sick.







Our call letters for the station in the press box…yeah I was bored during the game because it was halftime and I didn’t care about the band….





Yes, I totally wore sandles on the sidelines…big freakin deal…





And finally, not a football shot, but it is a PeeWee shot…he makes his online debute here at Yes, he is wearing a sweater…yeah.







Okay that is all for now…I will return with more later on I am sure….

Get this video and more at

A little highlight video of the WVU News cast from yesterday thanks to Mr. Justin Van Slyke of my class…yeah there are a lot of inside jokes but just as the music says we are simply the best…hopefully it will play if not just follow this link..

I have to say it stinks that summer is really over here and that I have totally gone away from posting stuff on here that I kept meaning to post. Don’t worry, I will eventually figure out what I want to do with 30 soccer photos from various soccer games that I went to. I figured I would save time and space with not posting all of those photos anyways.

But getting back to the busniess at hand.

School begins on Monday here in the University City. I have two classes (one in the morning and the other in the early evening). Then to kick the year off there is Fall Fest. Past years WVU has done well with getting solid music to kick off the school year but really the last two years have been pathetic in my eyes. I didn’t go last year and I am wondering if I will even show up this year for it. I would like to see The Roots that’s all really.

My other days this week for class (and that of the rest of the semester really) are three classes on Tuesday and Thursday and one on wednesday mornings. As usual, no Friday classes though I should have work. Speaking of work, I have not found out about my WVUF internship that I had last year for this school year. I should find out either way this week. That would definitely take up dead space on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Now, as for U92 work and soccer games. I should get the season pass for the soccer games sometime in the coming week since the first game is this coming FRIDAY at 730 pm. We should go on air at 7 or so I would think. I will post more information about the games as they come up. So keep checking back here for games and how to listen. For U92 stuff, I should have my normal Friday shift in the afternoons. Again, I will keep everyone posted on that information. Same goes for when I will appear on the SportsPage on Friday nights. I am sorry that I forgot to inform you all about me being back on the ‘Page this past Friday.

I honestly hope to do some good things with this site in the coming months. I  really hope to take more photos of things I do and see this year. So hopefully I can figure out a way to post photos in an easy manner for your viewing pleasure.

Ah….in a way it is nice to be back but I do miss summer already.

Yes, I know I haven’t posted on this page in a little while. Not that I have been lazy or busy…or both, I just haven’t honestly taken time to get on here and post anything meaningful. That is until tonight…

Why tonight? I am bored. I love to be honest as possible and that is why I am posting, I am bored as can be right now. I basically have no school work to do other than study for a test that is a week away. So now I am drinking a Frappucino from Starbucks (the bottle version, not the plastic cup full of goodness) and listening to random music.

Its nice to know that I really have nothing to do today and tonight though. Honestly since I pushed print on my sport psych manual today at work, I have felt great. It was a nice relief knowing that I am mostly done with this semester. And unlike most semesters at the end, I honestly cannot tell you what my fall schedule is like coming up next semester. Usually I can spit out everything about the next semester before it comes even down to the details like teacher and classroom location. But not this time. I guess its either I don’t care or just haven’t taken the chance to really give a crap. And too, I didn’t get every class I wanted this time around so maybe I was a little bummed about that. Who knows.

I do know that I am about a week away from being back in Beckley for the first time in uh…carry the one…four months? Yes. Four months. I couldn’t remember if it was three or four, and yes I was counting out loud. Its honestly tough to go home these days during the semester, I really wanted to a couple weekends ago but that didn’t happen thanks to some work that I had to do for my broadcasting class. I have a feeling this fall will be much of the same. Not to mention I will be doing soccer games again so I will be busy on most weekends. Not to mention again, that I will be covering the football team here more this fall for the radio station. So yeah, busy little fall coming up here. But I am looking foward to it.

I will get a nice week or so in Beckley once I am done here before I make my long trip to Texas. I believe it will be a 20 hour trip or so. So yeah, I will have to spend the night somewhere along the way. No big surprise there really. It shouldn’t be too shabby though. I know I am looking forward to it more and more.

But I do have one more week or so to go here. Tomorrow is another light day, and Friday I work and then have a party for my radio station. Should be a nice weekend as well I think. Well, I should be studying mostly this weekend.

Yeah, I think I am gonna go watch a movie now. I haven’t popped in a movie in here in a while come to think of it. I am sure I will be bored again real soon! haha