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Yes, I know I haven’t posted on this page in a little while. Not that I have been lazy or busy…or both, I just haven’t honestly taken time to get on here and post anything meaningful. That is until tonight…

Why tonight? I am bored. I love to be honest as possible and that is why I am posting, I am bored as can be right now. I basically have no school work to do other than study for a test that is a week away. So now I am drinking a Frappucino from Starbucks (the bottle version, not the plastic cup full of goodness) and listening to random music.

Its nice to know that I really have nothing to do today and tonight though. Honestly since I pushed print on my sport psych manual today at work, I have felt great. It was a nice relief knowing that I am mostly done with this semester. And unlike most semesters at the end, I honestly cannot tell you what my fall schedule is like coming up next semester. Usually I can spit out everything about the next semester before it comes even down to the details like teacher and classroom location. But not this time. I guess its either I don’t care or just haven’t taken the chance to really give a crap. And too, I didn’t get every class I wanted this time around so maybe I was a little bummed about that. Who knows.

I do know that I am about a week away from being back in Beckley for the first time in uh…carry the one…four months? Yes. Four months. I couldn’t remember if it was three or four, and yes I was counting out loud. Its honestly tough to go home these days during the semester, I really wanted to a couple weekends ago but that didn’t happen thanks to some work that I had to do for my broadcasting class. I have a feeling this fall will be much of the same. Not to mention I will be doing soccer games again so I will be busy on most weekends. Not to mention again, that I will be covering the football team here more this fall for the radio station. So yeah, busy little fall coming up here. But I am looking foward to it.

I will get a nice week or so in Beckley once I am done here before I make my long trip to Texas. I believe it will be a 20 hour trip or so. So yeah, I will have to spend the night somewhere along the way. No big surprise there really. It shouldn’t be too shabby though. I know I am looking forward to it more and more.

But I do have one more week or so to go here. Tomorrow is another light day, and Friday I work and then have a party for my radio station. Should be a nice weekend as well I think. Well, I should be studying mostly this weekend.

Yeah, I think I am gonna go watch a movie now. I haven’t popped in a movie in here in a while come to think of it. I am sure I will be bored again real soon! haha

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