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Thursday’s Game

I was going to be on the crew for the women's broadcast for tomorrow night against Houston. First I was only suppose to be a sideline reporter then at another point I almost was the play-by-play annoucer for the game. However, due to poor timing and me not having nearly enough time to get prepared for that game I won't be on air for it. 

Now Saturday's game should be a go…I should find out sometime within the next day or so…I would figure by tomorrow afternoon, if not Friday afternoon at the very lastest on what I will be doing. More than likely I will or should be on air in some fashion.

Also, in other news, I will be back at the WVU Foundation as an intern again next spring. I was offically invited back to work there yesterday by my boss. I couldn't work there this past semester due to soccer and the class work that I had (ie:my broadcasting class). I should be able to work a decent amount so that will be nice to have again.

Lastly, I hope by the end of the week, if not by the end of this weekend to have some new photos added to the photo section. I have some photos from trips I have been on this fall and from Thanksgiving. I just need the time to get them on there and to completely fix the site…I have noticed some photos don't load or some albums don't load. I will work with it and get it all situated.  

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