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Tough Loss

You know, despite two, maybe three turnovers against Louisville, I still believe WVU played well tonight.

I do.

It was a solid performance by the Mountaineers but it just wasn’t enough to beat a very talented Louisville team in "the Ville". I hate to do it but now I will say that it is time to hitch a ride on the Cardinal bandwagon and hope they can bring the Big East a national title. Not to mention WVU just needs to keep winning here and they should…and I do mean should be able to make at least a BCS game. Yeah, it can still happen. Plus you just never know what is instored for the next couple weeks.

Do I see a let-down for Louisville next week at Rutgers? Give me a few days and I will let you know…right now I will say, yes.

Does WVU bounce back and start winning again? Yes. The schedule isn’t easy but it does allow WVU to get some W’s when they need them most. Pitt will be the most challenging. You can already mark that down. Pitt, may end up being a tougher game than tonight’s game. Not because it is a rivalry game but because Pitt has gotten better and will make it competative. Something that was lacking last year when we played them.

Still, overall, I felt alright about tonight. Sure, it was ugly at times but it wasn’t the worst I have ever seen out of a Rich Rod coached team. No, but at times I saw the brillance that I know and love with this team. They are still a class act but they are young. Let me remind you that. Slaton and White will continue to run all over the other teams as they did tonight (White had 4…count them 4 touchdowns tonight).

The National Title game dream may be all over for WVU but honestly, it wasn’t the right year for it. I still believe next year will be the year WVU goes all the way.

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