Possible Class Schedule for Spring

Okay, so I finally registered for classes for next spring. I just need three classes to graduate but I have to have 12 hours to be full time for all that good stuff. Anywho, right now it looks like a pretty simple semester, one that should get me back into shape physically.

Yes, I am taking three PE classes. Two soccer ones (indoor and outdoor) and yoga. Yeah, yoga…that should be fun. I am also taking Appalichan Fiction along with a Statistics class and an Acting class. Those last three are classes I have to take to graduate. Horrible, boring junk but it shouldn’t be too shabby.

Also, before I forget, Saturday’s game I will be doing play-by-play apparently with my friend Dave. Should the men’s team win, Dave will be my traveling partner for the Big East Tournaments. So hopefully that will go over alright!

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