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New Pha-ho-tos!

Okay, I finally got the cord to my camera so here are some photos from nights out and from some football games…notice those wonderful sideline shots!

Me and my broadcasting class this past Thursday…its amazing to me how we all keep going out together each week…I love it!

As a request from Mr. Pearl (the guy in the hat)…here is a photo of me, Pearl and Sean…notice I am about to laugh!




Yes, against Maryland in a blow-out sort of win…I am happy with the quality in this photo and how it turned out!


Even closer up shot…


Box score after the first half…yeah Slaton had that much after 12 carries in the first half against Maryland…sick.







Our call letters for the station in the press box…yeah I was bored during the game because it was halftime and I didn’t care about the band….





Yes, I totally wore sandles on the sidelines…big freakin deal…





And finally, not a football shot, but it is a PeeWee shot…he makes his online debute here at epp6.com. Yes, he is wearing a sweater…yeah.







Okay that is all for now…I will return with more later on I am sure….

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