Games this weekend

Alright, there are a couple soccer games this weekend for your listening pleasure (or at least I hope it sounds good). One Friday and the second on Sunday.

Friday is at 730 though I expect or hope to get on air by no later than 715 (ET folks…). Sunday’s game is at 330 I believe, though if I am incorrect I will let you know other wise.

So how to listen is real simple. I have bought the season pass this year and it should be working correctly. All you need to do is go to www.msnsportsnet.com and go down the page, near the bottom on the right side of the page. Under the "Mountaineers Play Here" logo you will see links for audio for soccer games this weekend. Click the game for the right date and a pop up will appear. Just use my log in so you won’t have to pay for it down the road.

login: drew@epp6.com
pass: soccer06

Its real simple I believe and should work once things are starting up on Friday. If it doesn’t work Friday just let me know and I will hopefully figure out what went wrong and get things going for Sunday. I hope things work out better than the first couple games last season.

I will try to keep you all posted on here about games when they come up, which is quite often this semester if I am not mistaken.

By the way, hope you like the new look. As much as I liked the other design I just felt this was more of a look for the fall. But you all know I can never stick with a site design for more than a few weeks anyways.

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