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couple changes

Yes, a new design. I know, I can’t keep the same thing for too long. The last design seemed too gray for me, I like pages with whites in them for some reason. Plus with spring around the corner it only fit. 

Also, as you see I have changed my photo pages. I found a script for photos with the program I use to write on here. I am still working out all the kinks with it but at least the family photos are up there. I am working with getting the WVU ones to work. I may have to redo the entire album. I dunno, we will see.

Only a couple more days until we offically move. We have taken a lot of things over to the new place and it is looking better and better. My folks are coming up starting tomorrow with Dad, who is bringing some things like my bed from home and a washer and dryer.

I also finally made my picks for the NCAA tournament today. I didn’t feel like doing it the last couple days and I really wanted to put it off until today to gather my thoughts about it and all. I think I have a pretty solid bracket of picks. Some upsets and mostly the right teams winning. I had problems picking some teams but that is just the life of it though.

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