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Week One in the books…

Well, I meant to take care of this post a couple days ago but sometimes I get caught up in things or the internet doesn’t work for me when I want to do something. But nonetheless, here I am with a little recap of my first week at ABC Radio.

First couple days were boring to say the least. I basically just organzied a truck load of papers for differnet people in the sales department of ESPN Radio here in Dallas. Not a totally bad thing, I did get to see how they do their orders and sales contracts which isn’t totally a waste to know about. I had to basically recall my ABCs for the first two days. At least I will say the time went by pretty well while I was doing that stuff.

The next two days were better to finish the week. Thursday I was able to sit in during a radio show at ESPN Radio. It is their show that they place between Mike & Mike in the Mornings and the Dan Patrick Show. Here the show is known as the Dennis and Engel Show. Its pretty interesting. I sat in on their show for about the entire time. See how they handle callers and all sorts of things.

Next, I went with an on-air talent and he showed me how they write up their SportCenter Updates. Its pretty cool, it had me do one and put the music to it to see how it would sound. I will probably be working with this guy more as the summer continues in the mornings. Should be a good thing.

And on Friday, I went on location with the Dennis and Engel show to see how they do a live remote broadcast. Nothing I had never seen really, but it was better than sitting in an office all day on a Friday.

As you can see I have today off since it is Memorial Day. Can’t complain a bit about that.

I will try to update this as much as I can with what I do this summer. It shouldn’t be too hard since I have to do it anyways to get credit for this internship!

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