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Busy Week or so…

Well I know it has been a week or so since I last posted on here. Let’s just say it has been busy with traveling to various sites and places doing women’s basketball broadcasts. Wednesday I was in the state’s capital and then on Friday and Saturday I was in the nation’s capital. Lots of traveling for two solid broadcasts.

I will probably return to the air this coming Wednesday as the ladies play at home at 7 pm against Syracuse. I haven’t been crewed yet for this game but there is a possiblity.

I do know that I will definitely be on a broadcast next weekend, on Sunday at 6 pm. Sadly enough the game is on the road and during the Super Bowl. 🙁 Not exactly happy about the timing of the event but I was crewed for this road trip months ago so, too late to back out now. If it were the 49ers I would be backing out to watch but I can stand to miss a Bears Super Bowl trip. I still think they will be pulling it out.

I expect to soon have some of my own broadcast samples on this very site sometime soon. So you all will be able to enjoy some highlights of my game calling…not to mention it will be heavily used for resume purposes.

Until later on…

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