I hate saying how busy I have been lately but being on the road again this past weekend will do that to you. And I will be back on the road again this weekend. Thankfully it will be the last road trip that I will make with the women’s basketball team. Which is really good because I need some time to recover and get some things done.

Not to mention I have opened a new website that I really wanna dive into. I bascially re-opened a sports blog for myself. I really, mainly, just want to focus on my blogging soccer related articles. Check it out…http://www.wvhooligan.com …almost like the old site but I just need more time to get some old post back on there really. That may take some time.

But other than all that things are going pretty well here. Can’t complain other than how cold it is outside. The cold just hits you in the face when you get out there.

The next game that I will be doing will be this coming Sunday. I don’t know the time but like I said I will be on the road, I believe at Rutgers. Check back for more info on that.

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