Things are big in Texas

As you can guess it I am indeed in Texas now. I arrived this past Saturday evening. Honestly the drive down here wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it could have been. The weather certainly helped that out but even if it had rained any it would have been alright I believe. For some reason two days of driving midway across the country wasn’t bad. I was a bit shocked. I will say it was nice having no set time to get down here. Driving at my own pace and all was the way to be.

For all of you that thought it was a horribly long drive. Well the long part is correct. It is a long drive but there really isn’t anything bad about it that I can say. I get to do it again in a couple months. I still feel that stuff like that just doesn’t bother me and it may never will. I have my own ways of doing things alone like that I guess. It just doesn’t get to me like it does some people I guess. Plus having a little alone time never hurts I’ve found.

I interview with my internship Wednesday and should be starting up for a summer of work next week. I will keep everyone updated as good as I can.

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