The house is coming along...slowly.

Well the last few days haven’t been very entertaining around here. The weather went from decent (meaning I was back to almost wearing shorts) to cold again and now Becca is laying around not feeling well.

I think it’s mostly allergies and the cold weather getting Becca down, not to mention being around a couple sick kidos like our niece and nephew doesn’t help the situation. She’ll be back in no time though.

This week should be fun though as it is the week of my birthday (Sunday the 7th). I think however I am more focused right now on what to do for Valentines day. I’m not the best at coming up with ideas but hopefully I’ll come through! 🙂

I hope to start putting more random updates like this on here for those who do read. I’ve started working on little projects around the house like my office. We recently got a desk and bookshelf for it. Just gotta get all my random junk boxes out of the way to really get it done.

Speaking of boxes, Becca and I finally started going through some old clothes this past weekend. Hopefully over the next several weeks we can put together a few bags of old clothes to give away to Goodwill or somewhere. Once that is done we should have some open space in one of our bedrooms that we don’t use.

Okay, enough for now.

– Drew

Today was the announcement of the much anticipated iPad tablet from Apple. Its basically a larger (10 in. screen) iPod Touch. Same OS as the Touch and nearly all the same applications as the Touch.

The price is decent but not nearly what I would want to pay for one at the moment. You can get it with 3G and without, which having to rely on AT&T for 3G kind of makes me want to take my chances of not having 3G on it.

I was pretty excited about this product but the more I dive into it the more I realize I have no need for one at the moment. Maybe if I ever want an eReader, or iReader in this case I’d easily go for this one as the new iBookstore looks pretty sweet. But that is just it, that is really my only need for one as the rest is just a larger version of the iPhone/iPod.

Maybe in a year or so I’ll get one, once the second generation of this is out. For now I just don’t need one.

You know I am always amazed at how other people do work. One client today at work wanted to publish a 40 page “release” as one single document to their media newsroom. Yes, one whole release that was 40 some odd pages. Amazing. Not only did it look hideous it was hideous.

But the important thing is it is what they want.

I can’t complain too much about the clients I have to work with. Most have a decent head on their shoulders and only a few I really dislike working with. Okay, really, there’s only one that I don’t like to deal with yet I end up doing a lot more work for them then they actually know. I’m nice like that I suppose.

Honestly I don’t know how I want this place to look. I have a subscription to a WordPress theme gallery and I keep going back and forth between a couple themes. One of them will stick so hold on tight through some mess.

Man I love good television. I figure that since I watch enough of it I should talk about it from time to time. Between my usual funny shows that I can’t get enough of, there are a few that rise above the rest in terms of addiction. 24 is one of those shows for me.

Season eight of 24 just kicked off and even though I am a little upset over the fact that they (the producers, writers) didn’t tie-in enough from the end of season seven to the start of this season like they usually do it did work out fine for me. Jack Bauer is back and seemingly better than ever.

The fun part right now is figuring out exactly how long the current big issue will last. Typically it seems like the initial big issue lasts a few episodes which leads into another long-term problem for Bauer and company, which only then leads into the final problem.

Hopefully this won’t be the last season like some are saying it will be. Then again a movie is suppose to be made which may end things on a good note.

For the first time in I don’t know how long I spent the afternoon (yes at work) downloading some new tunes. Of the ones I got are: The Temper Trap, The XX, Phoenix, Cage The Elephant and Vampire Weekend.

I don’t know why but the song “Sweet Disposition” by The Temper Trap is addictive. Then again its also a theme song of some new ABC show that looks good.

I’m also trying to do a few more things around this site here too. I need to stop wasting time on not doing things with this site that I’ve owned for nearly a decade. Work and life I guess have kept me from really doing anything remotely interesting with this over the last couple years but hopefully I can settle down with this theme you see and enjoy this site once again.

Its a small hope, even if so few read this place.

– Drew

For a web-geek like myself who is wanting to learn CSS this makes things look a lot easier.

Yes it’s been months since I last came here to do anything but hopefully I can actually get better at that in the coming months.

Lots of stuff has been going on with work and life that have kept me busy lately. With Christmas here it will only get busier!

Happy Holidays!