If you have an iPhone, iPad or iTouch you know about Angry Birds. I think even Andriod people know about the wonders of this highly addictive game.

Well, you’ll enjoy this video.

For some odd reason I spent some time this weekend working on my online resume, now posted here. I’m not actively looking for a new job but I saw a new resume theme and wanted to give it a go. I think it turned out pretty good. I still need to tweak my resume a bit more but for now it’s not to bad. I may add a few more things to it even down the road.

Also coming up is the holidays. Heck this week we have Thanksgiving. Hard to believe we’re already near the end of 2010. I think I want to really make a big push next year to start blogging about my life a bit more in 2011. I started to do it here and there this year but life got in the way. I will say more recently that Becca and I have started to finally fix up our house a bit. That feels nice even though we have a lot of work to do on it due to foundation issues. If someone out there wants to donate/give/fund us a few grand to cover these massive cost it would be a huge help! haha

But Christmas is right around the corner, Becca and I will be heading back to West Virginia for the first time in a couple years to see my family. I can’t say how excited I am for that. I’m sure Beckley has changed, possibly even grown up a bit since I left it.

Today was the Susan G Koman 5k in Dallas. Dianne’s Circle of Friends ran and walked in memory of Dianne. It was a beautiful day for the walk too!

This past weekend we met Sarah, David and Ryan at the nearby Pumpkin Patch. For some reason Ryan wanted to get the biggest pumpkin possible.

This is just nasty. Ugh.

That’s the disturbing point brought home by the latest project of New York City-based artist and photographer Sally Davies, who bought a McDonald’s Happy Meal back in April and left it out in her kitchen to see how well it would hold up over time.

The results? “The only change that I can see is that it has become hard as a rock,” Davies told the U.K. Daily Mail.

I knew McDs made me sick but boy does this ever make you wonder. Funny thing is the article has a quote from a Doctor at a Center for Food Safety and he says that no hamburger would look like this after a year unless it was tampered with or frozen. I can agree with that but at the same time I have a bad feeling this wasn’t frozen or tampered with in that time frame.

Gotta love the Rigby.

My five month project is near blast off…

Ryan is now the little slugger, don’t worry I’ll still teach him the world’s game!

This weekend we’re on baby duty. We took Ryan (David and Sarah’s kid) to Ikea, he tuckered out on the drive up!

Boy June is shaping up to be one heck of a month.

Things got started off with Chick Fil A launching their Spicy Chicken Sandwich, something that was uber tasty.

Then the new iPhone was talked about and will be launching later this month. I can pre-order phones for Becca and I next week, something I’ve been waiting on doing for about a year now. I wanted to upgrade last year but I’m very pleased and happy I held out for this new version. Its much nicer looking than last year’s model and will be packed with cooler features like video chat/or Facetime as they are calling it. In other words I’ll be able to call Becca on her iPhone and with one push of a button we’ll be able to see one another instead of just hearing one another. Pretty sweet.

June also means the World Cup. Those who know me know exactly how big of a deal that is for me.

Last and most certainly not least Becca and I will be going on vacation at the end of next week to New York. We’re super excited about that. Plus at the end of the vacation my family comes into town for a week.

Lots to be happy and thankful for here this month. Its gonna keep me busy but it will be worth it.