24 Is Back

Man I love good television. I figure that since I watch enough of it I should talk about it from time to time. Between my usual funny shows that I can’t get enough of, there are a few that rise above the rest in terms of addiction. 24 is one of those shows for me.

Season eight of 24 just kicked off and even though I am a little upset over the fact that they (the producers, writers) didn’t tie-in enough from the end of season seven to the start of this season like they usually do it did work out fine for me. Jack Bauer is back and seemingly better than ever.

The fun part right now is figuring out exactly how long the current big issue will last. Typically it seems like the initial big issue lasts a few episodes which leads into another long-term problem for Bauer and company, which only then leads into the final problem.

Hopefully this won’t be the last season like some are saying it will be. Then again a movie is suppose to be made which may end things on a good note.

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