Back at it…

Alright. It has been ages since I touched this space. Ages. A year almost. For reasons I really have no way of explaining.

But I’ve updated this little space over the last day. Slapped a new coat of paint on it and tried to rearrange some things to make it look a little more updated.

I’m not planning on blogging like crazy on this space like I once tried. I have too many other projects going to attempt to even do a daily/weekly thought or two on here anyways. Maybe once life settles down a hair – if it ever does – I’ll get more consistent on here about writing about my life and things going on in it.

I have thought about opening up a new blog from time to time to do TV reviews of some of my favorite shows but again that takes time and effort that I just lack at the moment. My main passion still remains in soccer writing. I have two large spaces to do that at the moment, one is still WVHooligan and the other is BigDSoccer. The latter of the two I actually get paid consistently for, which is nice even if it is just a small stipend.

The revamp around this space was to show off some of my work both personally and professionally. A digital portfolio, a record of my stuff online. It is still a work in progress as in the last version of this site I didn’t really finish it all up like I intended to. It is summer so hopefully the longer hours of sun light will allow me to finish up some things.

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