Tonight I am coming to you all from the Dallas Morning News. Yup, I’m working late…until midnight CT. Its cool though, I’m totally use to working this late and once a week isn’t too shabby either. Plus its a little extra money…for you know gas, food, life.

I wanted to check out how WordPress looked in IE too. So far, I can say I see why I hate using IE and why Firefox or Safari are far better. Half of my usual fun admin things aren’t even available. Yikes.

I also figured I would pass the time with this simple post though and it looks as though I have – because work is starting to come in since it’s a football night!

Lakeview Community Church website

Lakeview Community Church website

Just less than a week since I started working on the Lakeview church website, things are moving along rather nicely. I’ve pretty much been given full control over design over the whole project, which is nice. I’m sure there will be plenty of suggestions on how to make it great and that will be nice.

Hopefully there won’t be too many crazy requests or suggestions, though they do seem pretty set on having some sort of Flash element to it. And honestly, that just won’t happen. I don’t have the time for it but I do have some tricks up my sleeve that look Flash-like here so it should please whoever seems to want that kind of thing on the site.

I keep moving things around here and there on it so if you give it a look it may change from the next time you take a glance at it. I’m still waiting on content as well, but that’s just part of the game when you build a website for someone like a church. The waiting game of content.

I will try to keep you all posted on how that is coming along here.

…above that is. Yeah, I was asked recently to do a website make over for my local church (Lakeview Community Church). So I’ve gone out and got the church a new domain (since their old one expired) and some quality hosting (something that probably wasn’t with the old site anyways).

Check out the progress at

Been busy to say the least. January here at my company is a busy time but I cannot complain one bit abut it.

Anywho, time to dish out some b-day wishes:

Happy late birthday to Michael, Dad and Fatboy

Happy Birthday tomorrow to Mom!

And Happy Birthday to me in a week or so. Yay! What will I do for a b-day? Go to work and that’s probably about it. I’m not all that big on birthdays, and I’m really not asking for much of anything for it. I can’t get a snow day anymore so maybe 60 degrees and sunny? 🙂

Still getting things back up and running on here. The photo section of the site seems to be doing really well right now. So give it a look when you get a chance. I haven’t put any captions on the photos (something that will definitely take time) but there are plenty of photos on the site now. From old photos to pretty recent photos from my work place and a hockey game…even the wedding photos for Mikey and Jennifer. I’m pretty happy with way things turned out with that.

I still have some other person stuff to upload on here like my resume sound and my document resume as well. That kind of stuff may be left off for a little while until I can go through it a little better than before.

Plenty of things going on around here in Dallas these days too. Becca and her dad are currently driving back from LA; they are helping her sister and her brother-in-law move back to Texas. Today is also catch up day on the telly for me, I missed a bunch of shows this past week since work was a little busier than it had been in recent weeks.

Let me know what you think of the site now that some things are moved around.

So, I am trying to figure out what to do with this site these days. The email I have with it is flooded with junk daily (new email is and I haven’t spent nearly as much time on this thing due to me not being too fond of my web host and how they have things set up for me.

So I think it is that time of year around here where I pack things up and move to a new web host. I think at least that is the plan. I am not worried about the email being flooded, it is long passed the point of even trying to save it from being getting as much spam as it does. I don’t know how on earth it got to be that bad but I can point at least some blame to my web host who has given me horrible service on the email help.

Anyways, not to complain too much here about them, they were cheap so I guess I got what I paid for and also this domain ( is paid for already through the end of 2008, so I have to keep it regardless and just get new service.

What does this mean though? Not a lot, I will move this site and pay for new hosting service and try to be better about updating it. Which, come this November and December is looking like an easy thing to do since I will be more settled into things and will want to post more photos online here. Hopefully I can get my photos page working better again.

More updates to come when the time comes but expect within the next couple weeks for this site to be on the moooove!

After getting a new phone (iphone that is) I finally figured out how to get photos from the phone to the computer without going through a long and stupid process of just emailing them to myself like I thought I would have to. Anyways, below are some photos of the work place. Sorry if some are dark, I do work at night some!

Yup, that’s right…a new job. After a couple weeks of sales at bluefish, I have moved on to something better and more fitting for me. I am now doing editorial support for online newsrooms at Wieck Media. So far, so good…and so far a much better fit…I will tell you more about it down the time once I am more settled in and can give you all a better update!

Yes, a little update never hurt. I (finally) got a job this week. I am a sales representative with bluefishtv! Should be a good job to have while I continue to hunt for something in radio and writing. I figure it will be a good start and a good place to get some money saved up. Plus its a pretty cool company I think.

Also, I am doing some side work with the Dallas Morning News in their sports department. Just some data clerk work really for now. Hopefully I can move on up there in the future.

I will come back later with more updates on how the job is going and all. I may actually, fully update this site all over soon. It needs a redo.

Yeah, school is done and work is almost done here in Morgantown. The age old question about the job situation post-WVU for me is still going on. Things are looking up, I felt it would go this way towards time for graduation. Jobs are opening up all over more so now than a couple months ago. So that is comforting to a degree and it is just a matter of time before something is in line.

These things take time but something will come up and everyone will know of it. Until then keep praying about it along with me!

Other than school ending and job hunting there is no real news going on to report. Been kinda boring around these parts recently really. But summer is around the corner, as well as Mikey and Jennifer’s wedding in June.