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Figuring Out Things

So, I am trying to figure out what to do with this site these days. The email I have with it is flooded with junk daily (new email is drew.epperley@gmail.com) and I haven’t spent nearly as much time on this thing due to me not being too fond of my web host and how they have things set up for me.

So I think it is that time of year around here where I pack things up and move to a new web host. I think at least that is the plan. I am not worried about the email being flooded, it is long passed the point of even trying to save it from being getting as much spam as it does. I don’t know how on earth it got to be that bad but I can point at least some blame to my web host who has given me horrible service on the email help.

Anyways, not to complain too much here about them, they were cheap so I guess I got what I paid for and also this domain (epp6.com) is paid for already through the end of 2008, so I have to keep it regardless and just get new service.

What does this mean though? Not a lot, I will move this site and pay for new hosting service and try to be better about updating it. Which, come this November and December is looking like an easy thing to do since I will be more settled into things and will want to post more photos online here. Hopefully I can get my photos page working better again.

More updates to come when the time comes but expect within the next couple weeks for this site to be on the moooove!

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