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More Still To Come

Still getting things back up and running on here. The photo section of the site seems to be doing really well right now. So give it a look when you get a chance. I haven’t put any captions on the photos (something that will definitely take time) but there are plenty of photos on the site now. From old photos to pretty recent photos from my work place and a hockey game…even the wedding photos for Mikey and Jennifer. I’m pretty happy with way things turned out with that.

I still have some other person stuff to upload on here like my resume sound and my document resume as well. That kind of stuff may be left off for a little while until I can go through it a little better than before.

Plenty of things going on around here in Dallas these days too. Becca and her dad are currently driving back from LA; they are helping her sister and her brother-in-law move back to Texas. Today is also catch up day on the telly for me, I missed a bunch of shows this past week since work was a little busier than it had been in recent weeks.

Let me know what you think of the site now that some things are moved around.

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