Baylor-WVU game

On Saturday, Becca and I drove down to Waco, TX, for the West Virginia-Baylor game. This was an anniversary gift from her.

I never knew how high school-ish Baylor games were though. From the PA announcer to the band to everything else in between. It came across as a high school game more then a major college game to me. Hopefully once Baylor opens their new stadium next year, that will all change for them.

Also, what is it with Big 12 teams and hand gestures. Baylor has the bear claw, Texas has the long horns. I’m sure there are others out there. I guess WVU’s is just flipping people off when they try to show the state outline on their hand. Ha.

While the blow out score was not something I wanted to see, it was great getting to see my Mountaineers in person again.



One down, one to go

Yesterday I came to the realization, I have officially paid off one of my student loans. It was the smaller of the two loans but there was still a good sense of pride in being able to pay that off in a few short years after graduating from school.

The other loan will be another happy post for another day – hopefully soon too if I can manage it.


Morgantown Ranks 25th As Best Sports City

Wow, not to bad for a sports fan like myself to go from the 25th best sports city in America to the third best. I know Dallas is a good sports town, though the third best is a little high in my opinion based on what I’ve seen out of people here.

But for Morgantown to be in the top 25 because of WVU is awesome. The only other college town that comes above Morgantown was Lawrence, Kansas, which is home to Kansas University.

Pretty cool, pretty cool.

Fiesta Bowl Champs!!

Sorry for the lack of writing, been busy since I returned to the Big D.

But I couldn’t resist posting a video of last night’s bowl win for WVU over Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl. What a game!!


Hey I Graduated

Haha, yeah, I graduated college. Crazy how four years went by so far. I will post photos of it all soon enough once I get photos from everyone…I took my camera but didn’t take any photos with it. Crazy how that works out. Though I did take plenty of photos with other cameras with other people!

Keep your fingers crossed about my job situation. I am waiting to hear back from a couple now! And hopefully more than that!

I’m Working On It..

Yeah, school is done and work is almost done here in Morgantown. The age old question about the job situation post-WVU for me is still going on. Things are looking up, I felt it would go this way towards time for graduation. Jobs are opening up all over more so now than a couple months ago. So that is comforting to a degree and it is just a matter of time before something is in line.

These things take time but something will come up and everyone will know of it. Until then keep praying about it along with me!

Other than school ending and job hunting there is no real news going on to report. Been kinda boring around these parts recently really. But summer is around the corner, as well as Mikey and Jennifer’s wedding in June.

Few Updates

Nothing too new going on here…very busy all across the board with class, work, and radio station stuff…and not to mention job searching. I’ve been searching more and more as of late and I have posted my resume on many sites. I am slowly working on a site on here to contain all of my broadcasting samples. I am waiting to get my soccer games on file to cut up here. Once those are up I will let you all know!

Other things going on…this Tuesday at 7 pm (6 CT) I will be traveling to Pittsburgh to do more play-by-play for the women’s basketball team as the will battle with Pitt. This will actually be my third play-by-play game in a row as of late. I called a game yesterday as the ladies defeated USF. I am battling a sore throat right now so if you heard last night’s game, I am sorry, my voice wasn’t the best…but thankfully it is feeling a little better right now. Let’s hope by Tuesday night it will be fine and ready to go.

Lastly on the menu here tonight, we here at 109 Rystan Place will soon be moving into a new house. Yup, a year here in Rystan Place was enough for us all I suppose. I don’t have the address of the new joint but I will have that for you in the coming weeks. Yes, I said weeks…we should be on the move within the next three weeks or so I believe. And by the looks of things it may need more time! Maybe.

Here are some photos of the new place. It is almost done!

WVU over UCLA…and I missed it

Sure I was able to see highlights of the game but I wasn’t there for the biggest win in the Coliseum during my college career. I was on the road with the women’s basketball team in New Jersey. Oh well, my good bud Sean Merinar did a great job with recapping the game.