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Big Month Of June

Boy June is shaping up to be one heck of a month.

Things got started off with Chick Fil A launching their Spicy Chicken Sandwich, something that was uber tasty.

Then the new iPhone was talked about and will be launching later this month. I can pre-order phones for Becca and I next week, something I’ve been waiting on doing for about a year now. I wanted to upgrade last year but I’m very pleased and happy I held out for this new version. Its much nicer looking than last year’s model and will be packed with cooler features like video chat/or Facetime as they are calling it. In other words I’ll be able to call Becca on her iPhone and with one push of a button we’ll be able to see one another instead of just hearing one another. Pretty sweet.

June also means the World Cup. Those who know me know exactly how big of a deal that is for me.

Last and most certainly not least Becca and I will be going on vacation at the end of next week to New York. We’re super excited about that. Plus at the end of the vacation my family comes into town for a week.

Lots to be happy and thankful for here this month. Its gonna keep me busy but it will be worth it.

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