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Post Christmas Bowl Picks…presented by Dell

So far so good for my bowl picks. Seven games and seven correct picks. Are my picks destined for greatness or will the post-Christmas games lead me to some sort of weird doom. Who really knows, all I do know is there is a bunch of games coming up so I may keep some of these shorter. 

Bowl Games to date: 7

Correct Games Picked to date: 7

Motor City Bowl – Middle Tennessee State vs. Central Michigan – I know, I am already yawning at the subject of this bowl. I do know very little about each team. I know MTSU gave Louisville a decent quarter of a game and that Central Michigan isn't too shabby of a team since I believe they won the MAC. Not to mention CMU is almost the home team in this game (game is played in Detroit for those who don't know where the Motor City is…and Detroit is in Michigan…)

Winner: Central Michigan

Emerald Bowl – Florida State vs. UCLA – FSU has stunk up the place all season, while UCLA showed glimers of hope against Notre Dame before upsetting USC. I like UCLA in this mainly since they have to travel a couple hours and FSU only has to travel the country to get there. Not to mention FSU could practically care less about playing in this game. Their pride is on the line because you know they don't want a losing season (they are currently 6-6) but I am not one to say they will be able to win. UCLA has been playing well as of late and look to wrap up their season in a good manner.

Winner: UCLA

PetroSun Independence Bowl – Oklahoma State vs. Alabama – Now I will save any Alabama/Rich Rod stuff for another day. The fact of the matter is Bama is still in need of a coach and are about to play in a bowl. That doesn't work well my friends. OK State isn't the best of teams but they will show up and play well I believe. I just don't like Bama's chances in this game unless they had hired a coach by now. That peice to the puzzle just doesn't work for me.

Winner: Oklahoma State

Pacific Life Holiday Bowl – #19 California vs. #21 Texas A&M – This is probably one of the better bowl games that is before New Years. Okay…I am lying, it is probably the best bowl game before New Years. Why this bowl game isn't before New Year's is beyond me but still it matches up two up and promising teams. It is a tough one to pick. I am basically taking out a pennie and flipping for it. Believe me it should be a fun one to watch.

Winner: California

Texas Bowl – #17 Rutgers vs. Kansas State –  How bad does it suck to be Rutgers. Okay, that is a mean and harsh joke of the past but still it has shown it's ugly head again. One win away from a BCS game and you lose and your prize is a trip to Houston for the Texas Bowl, which at one point (before deals were worked out) couldn't be seen on your local TV (game is on the NFL Network). I like Rutgers to get their first ever bowl win against KSU. Don't get me wrong the Wildcats are a solid team but have no right to be able to beat Rutgers. The only way they will win is if they catch Rutgers crying about being in Houston. After seeing Rutgers play in person this season, that won't happen.

Winner: Rutgers

Gaylord Hotel Music City Bowl – Clemson vs. Kentucky – My heard and almost my head were telling me to pick UK in this one. I know Clemson is good but they have stumbled into this game and I really don't like the looks of them these days. But, they should be able to run all over a bad UK defense. This one has been tough to pick because I believe UK can pull this one out and win but I just believe deep down Clemson will show up again for the first time in two months.

Winner: Clemson

Brut Sun Bowl – #25 Oregon State vs. Missouri – I am very thankful that the Gator Bowl picked WVU and didn't pick a Big 12 team this year. Playing a Pac-10 team would have been interesting but not this year. Anyways, for some reason I am going with Mizzu. Something deep down is making me pick this game and I am running with it. 

Winner: Missouri

Alamo Liberty Bowl – Houston vs. South Carolina – Another tough one. For one I am confused at the name of the Bowl. At first I am thinking oh, the Alamo Bowl…then I see Liberty behind it. Nonetheless, it is the Liberty Bowl. Anyways, the ol' ball coach will coach up the Gamecocks but honestly I like Houston. Their offense is exciting to watch. USC should have won a few games and I just don't see them winning this one. It will be close, but I like Houston.

Winner: Houston

Insight Bowl – Texas Tech vs. Minnesota – I forgot about Minnesota this year. So judging by that statement I am not picking them.

Winner: Texas Tech

Champs Sports Bowl – Purdue vs. Maryland – Wow. I am honestly bored with this game. Please, Maryland just pull it out and help WVU look decent.

Winner: Maryland

Meineke Car Care Bowl – Navy vs. #23 Boston College – If you can't tell I am getting tried of all these games. I wonder if George Foreman shows up to this game since he is a spokesman for Meineke. Navy took a Big East bid, probably away from Rutgers from going to a better game and also from Pitt from going to a game at all. And then BC left the Big East for "greener pastures" in the ACC. BC just got a new coach and I want to jump on that bandwagon for a game. 

Winner: BC

Alamo Bowl – #16 Texas vs. Iowa – Texas should blow Iowa out the water. SHOULD. But, they may not. Iowa can and probably will keep it interesting but I am taking the home side. The Alamo Bowl is just down the road from Austin. I like my chances with a "home" team.

Winner: Texas

Chick-fil-a Bowl – Georgia vs. #14 Virginia Tech – I always feel weird picking VT in any game. But I just don't trust Georgia, even in their "home" dome. We blew them out there last year and I think VT will too. This is and should be a spring board game for VT for next year. I wonder if the winner gets a bunch of chicken in the bowl (it used to be a bunch of peaches but they dropped the peach from the bowl name). 

Winner: Virginia Tech

MPC Computers Bowl – Miami vs. Nevada – This one makes me laugh. Mainly because Miami has to go to Boise, Idaho for their bowl game on New Year's Eve. Oh, that just makes me laugh real hard. I like Nevada too in this one. Like FSU, Miami could honestly care less about this game and playing in a cold place like Boise won't be the cure to their answers.

Winner: Nevada 

Alright, I am done until New Years. 

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  1. Nate A.
    Nate A. says:

    The MotorCity Bowl features MIDDLE Tennessee (MTSU) vs Central Michigan. East Tennessee (ETSU) is a different university and does not currently have a football team at all.


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