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Quick Picks and other junk

Seeing how today is the final for the MLS with the MLS Cup pitting New England and Houston. I thought I would throw my two cents out there and predict a Houston win. Both teams have come on strong as of late so it is a tough game to pick but New England hasn’t had the luck that they want in the MLS Cup in their history. Houston has won titles (they won as the San Jose Earthquakes) so it is not all new to them on how to win one of these things.

I have finally gotten most of my stuff back online, the photo pages are working again and I am slowly getting everything back to the way it was this time last week. I believe the web site is working better than ever now too as epp6.com is entering its four year on the world wide web.  Crazy to think that its been online that long now but it has!

My main email address is back up and running as well for those who do email me on a normal basis.

In other news….

The men’s soccer game is THIS Wednesday at 7 pm (6 CT) as the Mountaineers will face off against UNC-Greensboro. Not a big surprise to me that they got UNC-G instead of VT for that game. Its a game WVU should be able to win since they are the host seed. If you are in the Morgantown area be sure to check the game out. These guys deserve a rowdy crowd like they had for the Notre Dame game back in the season.

Looking at the men’s backet (I can do this more now that the women’s team stunk up the place against UVA this past week). Plenty of solid matchups, but I do see most of the seeds winning their games. Shouldn’t be too many  real upsets in the second round. The Big East had a tough time of things in the first round with 4 of the 5 teams losing their games. Only St. John’s was able to advance into the second round. UConn, Providence, Rutgers, and Cincinnati all dropped games in the first round.

The set up is still very favorable for the men’s team to make a good run in the tournament. I still think they have every chance to make it to St. Louis for the Final Four. If they beat UNC-G they will get the winner of the St. Louis/Northwestern. They should be able to beat either of those teams as that game will also be played in Morgantown.


There are only four more weeks of school for this semester, five if you want to throw in Thanksgiving break. Plenty of work ahead for me though, but thankfully there is a holiday break coming up next week. And yes, I have already broke out some Christmas movies in my spare time. Last night Becca and I watched Elf. I am sure once Thanksgiving passes we will watch more Christmas movies. I know XM likes to provide 5 or 6 Christmas music channels. So I am excited for that.

Busy week ahead as well, but I will try to provide as many updates as I can about games and what not.

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