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Alrighty, incase you missed it yesterday. The draw came out for both the men and women’s soccer tournaments. The men definitely got a good draw and have a solid chance to make it to the Final Four. The women, well…not so much but all is not lost even though they have to go on the road to Wake Forest this weekend. I will be traveling with the team to Winston Salem, NC to cover the events. Hopefully they can manage to beat two ACC teams as they play Virginia on Friday night and should end up playing Wake Forest on Sunday.

Hey it is possible.

In other news, epp6.com has been renewed for another year! YAY! Hard to believe this site is about four years old now. It is still growing but I am also currently shopping for a new host for it. I found one but the process is taking longer than I expected. Some things have changed with transfering hosts over the years. It wasn’t this complicated before. I am mainly waiting on my current host to give me some authorization key to be able to transfer my stuff to them. So hopefully soon it will take place.

What does that mean for everyone else? Nothing much really, hopefully there won’t be any downtime for this site. Any more I have the most trouble getting this site to load up with my current host so that is the big reason why I am changing. Not to mention I found a new host that has all the bells and wistles that I want for half the price. Can’t beat that. Not to mention the random discounts they throw on there for certain things. I like discounts, so naturally I listen when I see a good deal.

Again, hopefully there won’t be any downtime as far as changing host and what not. Hopefully it will happen and no one but myself will even see it.

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