…title that is. Yup, in a way you could really just call it a promotion. That’s kind of why I haven’t written on here lately. I’ve been super busy with work and life after work that I forgot about this little blog. Oh well, sometimes in life you just have to roll with it.

Now I am the Assistant Editorial Manager on my team here at work. Before I was just plain ol’ Editorial Support. And thankfully it is no title like Dwight Schrute on The Office (Assistant To The Regional Manager).

I usually don’t enjoy too much of what Saturday Night Live does anymore but I found this clip today and thought it was hilarious.

I cannot even begin to say how excited I have been for this week. Monday saw the return of all of CBS’s great comedies and tonight NBC gets to take it’s turn on the series premiers. My Name Is Earl and The Office start back up tonight!

I am a bit more excited for The Office to begin it’s fifth season. After last year’s writer’s strike, which left most TV shows in limbo for a while, I wondered how well this show would respond. They came back in April after the strike and did not disappoint. I see that happening again tonight with their series premier.

Next week we get some more season debuts as ABC kicks off Wednesday with Private Practice and Pushing Daisies.

So nice to have solid TV back on again, the summer was rather dull because of it. If I can I will talk a bit more later on about The Office and why I love it so much.