The Rigosousrex

Gotta love the Rigby.

Yeah A New Look…

…for now…I thought this theme was kind of neat. If it stays the header image will probably leave.

At least Rigby is happy about the change…

Slowly Doing Something…

…that I should have done a long time ago.

Captioning photos in my photo gallery. Yup, give me some time, I hope to caption them all in my spare time here. I got Rigby’s gallery done (for now until I add more). Hopefully I can knock more out this week.

EDIT:Got about 1/3 of the way through here. Some of the bigger albums will take some time. Also, the captions aren’t all that great but at least its something.

Look at the photos!

Yeah, I’ve actually added photos. Only a couple new albums though in the gallery, which has some nice handy links on the side to photos and what not now.

I am trying to figure out what other photos need to be added from my iPhone to the gallery pages. So far today I added a batch of Colorado photos (not all of them though) and Rigby photos (and again, not all of them)!

More to come eventually, I mean I do have over 400 photos on my phone so they have to go somewhere right?

Oh yeah, I got a new layout too…eh, its alright for now! 🙂




I know I haven’t talked about this at all but recently Becca and I got a new puppy! He is a ladradoodle (so a Lab and Poodle mix) and his name is Rigby (think Beatles for the naming).

He’s a little ankle biter but what else can you expect from a puppy. I will try to post more photos of him shortly. I am going to be doing a new gallery thing on here to try to get my photos to display a little more fluidly. It may take some time but since I’ve been messing around the with Lakeview site I found some neat things to do photos with that I want to try on here as well.