Random Song Lyrics

Yeah…I don’t usually do this but I am totally addicted to this song by The Exit. So thought I would share at least it’s lyrical wonderfulness…some reason it sounds good to my ear and the words are funny to me. BEGINNERS LUCK, WHITE LACE, IN AND OUT OF A SLEEP, BEHIND A WHEEL, BLACK ICE, […]

Quick Happy

Nothing like a quick happy to throw at ya. Happy 17th Birthday to my little cousin Morgan. Yes, 17…hard to believe, I know. I sent her a nice shirt for the day…a good ol’ Morgantown shirt. Yes…she loved it and so she should since I live and go to school in the town that bares […]

give me a few

just give me a few here….i’m in the process of moving hosts here. Its been a crazy couple of days…the struggle to find my old files and then the process of deleting them when they returned to me.   keep checkin’ back…though things are changng around the ol’ 6…but its going to be worth it