Pre-Turkey Day Scramble

Okay, so the band mentioned below I decided to download their CD and just like the song it is a pretty tasty CD. Quite glad I made the purchase.

Today, I drove my grandparents to the airport in Pittsburgh. I’m glad I was able to do it really since I don’t get to spend nearly enough time with them these days. I believe most of the family was happy I did it too. It was really nothing, I just hope they made it safely today to Chicago and I am sure they will enjoy their time at my uncle’s. I get to do it again around Christmas time so it will be a nice way to spend a little time with them.

My parents come up here today which will be nice since I haven’t seen them much since the begining of the semester. Very glad my dad was able to get the day off on Friday because I don’t even know if I would have gone home these last couple days if he hadn’t. Sad to say that but it is true. Maybe I will be able to go home once before Christmas break. I haven’t even looked at the basketball schedules here at school to see if I would be able to. I want to go home but I know the experience I am getting is well worth my future. I know it will all pay off soon even though  I don’t see my family much.

Another note of interest, it is snowing up here right now. It is coming down nice and slow. Just flurries really and hopefully it stays that way until my folks get here because I know Route 19 is a mess when it snows. That is never fun really…

I must say I have enjoyed this week more than I expected to. I have finally gotten to relax and do nothing. It is nice to be able to relax for once I must say, I keep myself busy as most people know that but again its worth it.

Christmas is only 32 days away…did you know that? haha

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