post turkey day shizzle

Well Turkey Day was great, the whoopin of Pitt was great, and even getting up way to early to go shopping was great. All in all a great weekend with the family. Top it off I now have a new cell phone. No more slider action since really that phone was a piece of junk to most people’s eye’s, but hey it did have Tetris and my new phone you have to download and buy that. Oh well, still the new phone is nifty and I am enjoying it. It also has Bluetooth to it so now I can look like a complete idiot with the wireless headset.

I now have a great book to read. Yes, from time to time I actually like to read a book. But yes this is more of a humor book so its not a great novel but it does answer a lot of questions in life. It is entitled, "Why do men have nipples?" . I will leave it at that and just let you form you own answer to that great mystery. But really it has a lot of interesting questions and answers to them. It is the questions you want to ask your doctor or some sort of expert but never have the "balls" to do it or you aren’t drunk enough to do it.

Ah, today is Jerry West day in the university city, time to finally retire that ol’ 44. I hope its a nice ceremony for West since I won’t be attending due to a women’s game that I have to work after that. I will watch it on TV, depending on what they do on TV for it.

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