New Stuff

If you’ve made it this far on my site, you can tell my site went through a little re-do. I move the blog into an internal page to kind of showcase what I do professionally and on the side as a hobby. I figured since I don’t blog a ton on here as it as about my personal life that when I do it will be fine to be off the main page here. That way I can remove a resume site from my dot-com’s server and open up some database space to play around with some other things that I’ve been wanting to do (looking at you Drupal).

I think this is a change for the better until Becca and I begin the whole family thing. I’m still trying to figure out where to put all my photos. I may just create some cool galleries on here for a change. We’ll see. 🙂

More Fun With the Droid

I’ve had a couple more weeks with the Droid RAZR. After my initial post on the phone, some of my initial thoughts have changes.

For one, the battery is a little better when both the Bluetooth, the LTE and various apps that require location services aren’t running at the same time. Common sense really I suppose. Should have known not to have all of those things running at the same time during the day.

As for the LTE experience, it is still pretty sweet. I have vastly enjoyed being able to ride around Dallas with a phone that has such a fast internet speed. It certainly makes lunchtime more fun to be able to surf the web.

I’ve also finally done some customization to the phone, just general theming really. I’ll try to post some photos whenever I can figure out how to take a screen shot of the phone.

One final note for this post, nothing new on the Ice Cream Sandwich to the RAZR though. I still would really like to play around with that on this round of testing.

Verizon Ambassadors

Creepy Mascots

Can’t say I disagree with any of these. I may bump those DQ lips up from #10 though. For some reason those commercials always gave me the willies.

New Coldplay…Sweet

I’ve been waiting a while for this.

This All Makes Sense To Me

Watch Conan and You Get Laid Yup, this is cool. Have a listen folks.  jacobsloan: afco

Yup, this is cool. Have a listen folks. 



turn your speakers up and have a listen. No seriously…

Listen to the man.