Trying this out

Going to New York tomorrow, thought I’d give Tumblr a chance…though my real blog still will get some lovin (

Yup, I know I don’t write on here but maybe while I am on vacation later this month in Colorado I will. At least I want to try to make an effort to post some photos and what not on here. Don’t worry I’m not getting rid of this place, I’m just trying to figure out what exactly to do with it these days….

I know the constant theme on here is how I don’t write anything for weeks on end and then I come back and say that I mean to and all. Fact is I am busy with work and life in general. Not that I don’t like owning this place I just think its not high up on my list of things to do all the time. Don’t worry though, this website isn’t going away anytime soon for those who do care. I have plans for its future but until then we will have random posts from yours truly.

Until next time…which may be next month at this rate! haha

Also, until then enjoy my new musical craze, Vampire Weekend:

Same kind of sweat pants (my soccer ones from high school), same college on the shirt (WVU baby, it was game day), and almost the same style of laptop!

What can I say we were made for one another! 🙂