How about two more years…

Yeah, what can I say…I’m awful about updating this website anymore. Thankfully a server move on my host (GoDaddy) required me to download everything on this site and relocate it today.

So I figured this was a natural checking in point. I spent the morning at a local coffee shop here in Dallas adding to some of my portfolio and then the afternoon at a brewery (because, that’s what I like to do…). As I sit here at Peticolas Brewing Company (easily one of the best breweries in Dallas), drinking a four-year old version of one of my favorite beers (Sledgehammer), I figured now was a as good of a time as ever to write a little post.

Where do I begin about the last couple of years? I guess the biggest thing to discuss was a trip to Europe back at the end of last year/early part of this year. Becca and I traveled to eight countries in three weeks. We saw Dublin, Paris, several smaller towns in France, Antwerp, Cologne, Hamburg and Berlin in Germany, plus Vienna, Liverpool and Northern Wales. I hope to one day get a nice photo gallery of our trip on this site, though going through 2000 some photos is always tough.

Aside from that, I’m still writing over at and working at HPUMC. Rigby is also still keeping Becca and I busy with his general craziness and fluffiness.

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