Christmas In Beckley

Hard to believe Christmas has come and gone already here. It was fun, quick and full of snow. Going back to Beckley to visit my family was great and I know Becca had a good time as well. I still can’t believe I got an iPad too, which totally rocks!

Happy Holidays

Yes it’s been months since I last came here to do anything but hopefully I can actually get better at that in the coming months.

Lots of stuff has been going on with work and life that have kept me busy lately. With Christmas here it will only get busier!

Happy Holidays!

Happy April Fools Day

Can we actually consider April Fools Day a holiday? I guess some do. I’m not a huge fan of it but I’m sure some out there are…

Back From DC

Its been a couple days since my DC trip with Becca and my family. I hope to soon have photos from the trip up on here. That may take a little while as we have plenty of photos to go through here.

Also, Christmas is right around the corner (20 days away in fact)….I have no idea what I want other than a new laptop.

Trick O Treat

Yeah, I haven’t been able to post anything on here this week. Been fairly busy at work and with other things in life. Oddly enough today is my least favorite holiday, Halloween. And weirdly enough I am pressed up for it. Okay not dressed up in the sense that I went all out on a costume and spent way too much money like most people do for this day.

No, I am Dr. Gregory House from the hit TV drama House. Yeah, it is a very easy costume. I wear pretty much what I wear on a daily basis; jeans, button-up shirt, athletic looking shoes. I found the cane at a party store for $2 and thought it was a decent idea when Becca suggested it. Much better than buying a political mask and being Bill Clinton for a day.

Maybe if I get a photo of myself tonight I will post it later on here.

Christmas Photos Posted

If you wanna check out Christmas at the Epperley house, feel free to click here and check it all out!


The rest…

Merry Christmas to all, hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and that Santa was good to you all.

As for the rest of the nifty-gifties that I got for Christmas, today I unwrapped season 1 of 30 Rock, a couple Sudoku books, a stocking full of random goodies, a 1TB external hard drive (my laptop feels so light now that I have moved everything over to it), and a new WVU hoodie, and a couple sports related items from ESPN.

Wonderful holiday to say the least. Apparently there is more on the way when I return to Dallas on Thursday. Some joint gifts to me and Becca!

Gifts So Far..

Well so far this holiday season I haven’t opened too many gifts. One would be the flight home to West Virginia for the (almost) week off.

The other would be the Nintendo Wii that Becca gave me. It came with a couple games like Tiger Woods 08, Play, and this fishing game that I have yet to get a chance to play. I really didn’t get a lot of time to play on the Wii because Becca and I exchanged gifts the night before I flew home.

I will be giving you all the rest of the spread after tomorrow on what I get for Christmas.

But remember the reason for the season and that is not the presents but to remember that our Lord Jesus Christ was born!!!!