I voted

This story has two meanings. I voted in the General Election a couple days ago via absentee ballot. AND I voted just today for Major League Soccer’s post season awards. Kind of neat/weird getting an email the other day saying I was able to vote as a member of the media for those awards. I guess covering the game through my soccer blog has paid off to some extent.

Below are my picks. They will be on the soccer blog sometime next week once the season is officially over and the voting ends. I feel safe posting them here since I doubt anyone comes here! 🙂

And if you wanna know who I voted for in the other election you will just have to wait. Then again I am not too thrilled with that vote so I don’t know! Read more

Kids Know Who To Vote For

Is it really that hard for us all? I mean if little kids can figure out who they want in the Oval Office then why can’t we?

My favorite is the little blonde kid with glasses. Then again they are all cute.

Palin, Biden Make Me Chuckle

I watched the first 30 minutes or so of last night’s VP debate in St. Louis. For the most part it was all laughable and I have a feeling we will see a cheesy version on Saturday night on NBC’s SNL.

When the two candidates came out on the stage and you hear Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin say to Joe Biden “can I call you Joe?” you knew it was going to be an interesting debate.

Both danced around issues, and in the end I would say Biden probably came out on top looking like a better candidate for VP. Palin kept saying she wanted to “talk to the American people” but I felt she danced around more than Biden. Its pretty funny when the moderator said after the second question of the night that neither answered the question that was asked to them.

You can tell that all the GOP wanted Palin to do was back John McCain and tell his stuff. Biden spent most of the night attacking McCain.

But yeah, my vote went to Biden last night. The man is going to be money on stupid quotes though. Not George Bush money on stupid quotes but enough that will make you laugh and hate the guy at the same time.

Donkeys and Elephants

You know what that is? The sound of politics at work. Both Barrack Obama and John McCain have picked their VPs or running mates. Both are rather amusing, just like this Presidential race.

Obama went with Delaware Senator Joe Biden. A man who is more known for his wild and crazy comments like about Rudy Giuliani in the primary season. He said Giuliani says three things in a sentence, “a noun, a verb and 9/11”. Tough comments, but an interesting choice nonetheless by Obama.

McCain went for Alaskian Govenor Sarah Palin. Obviously he is wanting those Hillary Clinton voters by taking a women as his running mate. Bold move, not sure if it will pay off in the end though.

We will see. I still think we could have done better than these two but then again we always say that about our President.